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  • ... That Gastly, Haunter and Gengar are the only Ghost-Type Pokemon from Generation I?
  • ... That there are seven Eeveelutions, and that each of them only has one Type?
  • ... That Flash is the first HM to become a TM up to Generation IV?
  • ... That Jynx used to have a darker skin tone?
  • ... That Lugia isn't Water-Type? It is Psychic/Flying?
  • ... That Generation V introduced many Pokémon that do not evolve?
  • ... That there had never been a pure Flying-Type until Tornadus, from Generation V came?
  • ... That Torchic is the only Hoenn starter not on the cover of "Pokemon: Hall of Fame"?
  • ... That Ash catches all three starters in Pokemon Indigo League and the Johto and Unova regions ?
  • ... That Pokémon Yellow is the only game to have only two different Starter Pokémon?

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