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  • ... That Ekans and Arbok spelled backwards is snake and kobra?
  • ... That Unova is the only main region to have a vowel in the beginning of its name?
  • ... That Zekrom is the only Pokémon with a ¼× Resistance to Electric Type Attacks?
  • ... That Pokémon is estimated to be the most well-known game worldwide?
  • ... That Thunder's accuracy is changed to 100% if it is raining?
  • ... That Sinnoh Elite Four member Aaron, who specializes in Bug-Type, has Drapion, which is actually a Poison/Dark-Type?
  • ... That there is only one Poison-Type gym?
  • ... That Ash Ketchum is voiced by a female actress?
  • ... That Generation II is the only Generation to introduce new Types of Pokemon?
  • ... That Alomomola is not related to Luvdisc in any way?

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