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  • ... That the only Type not to have a Legendary Pokémon is Poison?
  • ... That Reshiram and Zekrom are based on the concept of Taiji: Yin and Yang? While Kyurem is based on Wuji?
  • ... That the opening for Pokémon Blue is different from the one for Pokémon Red?
  • ... That Giratina is the only Pokémon in the Dragon trio in Diamond and Pearl that does not have a signature Dragon-Type move?
  • ... That if a Pokémon uses the move Dive it can still be damaged if its opponent uses Surf?
  • ... That there are 156 new Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?
  • ... That Klinklang's Japanese name, Gigigear, is the second Pokémon to have gigig in it's name, the first being Regigigas?
  • ... That Torchic is the only Hoenn starter not on the cover of "Pokemon: Hall of Fame"?
  • ... That May is the only female that travels with Ash that has a brother?
  • ... That you can get Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokémon Black and White without trading?

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