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... that out of all of Ash's female companions only Misty and Iris had no head dress, and both are both Gym Leaders?

...that Eelectross has no weaknesses?

...that Durant and Dugtrio can make a great team with Entrainment and Truant?

...that Bulbasaur is the only starter to have dual-typing in its first stage in evolution?

...that Charmander is the only fire type starter to be based on a reptile?

...that Brendan from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald has a strangely shaped knit hat(which has led to people mistaking him for having white hair)?

..that Ash's partner Pokémon was originally supposed to be Clefairy?

..that Rotom is Motor spelled backwards?

...that in the anime, the actor that voices Contesta, the head Pokémon contest judge in the Hoenn region, is the same as the narrator of the show?

...that all of Ash's fire type starters first had abusive trainers?

...that they call Cubone's attack bonemarang, because they can't call it bonerang?

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