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  • ...That Giratina technically has 3 sprites, not including the shiny one?
  • ...That only Lotad and it's evolution are the first and only water/grass type Pokémon ?
  • ...That the only way to get a Fire-Fighting Type Pokémon is to choose the Fire Type Starter in Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova?
  • ...That there are more Water type Pokemon in the Kanto than Dragon type Pokemon in the whole game?
  • ...That Gastly and it's evolutions are the only Ghost type Pokemon in the Kanto region, and Dratini and it's evolutions are the only Dragon type Pokemon?
  • ...That the move Rain Dance boosts the accuracy of the move Thunder to 100%?
  • ...That Cheren's hair in B2/W2 resembles the hair of the character Marche from Final Fantasy tactics advance?
  • ...That every fire type starter except Typhlosion has another type?
  • ...That there is no poison type legendary?
  • ...That Route 209's BGM is similar to 21 Guns by Green Day?
  • ...That Mistralton City's BGM sounds like Dancin' Crazy by Miranda Cosgrove
  • ...That even though Gloom is poison/grass type Pokémon if you evolve it to Bellossom it becomes a pure grass type Pokemon
  • ...That real fish appear in the anime
  • ...That Spiritomb and Sabeleye are the only ghost/dark Pokémon
  • ...That every town in Kanto is named after a color? And that every town in Johto is named after a fruit? And that every town in Unova (Italian version) is named after a Wind?
  • ....That every generation has a third game, which is the special version to that generation i.e. Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Crystal?
  • ....That Professor Juniper is the first main female professor?
  • ....That Heatran is the only legendary Pokemon that can be both male and female?
  • ....That Emolga is the only non legendary electric/flying type so far?
  • ....That every region has 4 Fossil Pokémon except Kanto that has 5 and Johto that has none?
  • ...That among the final evolutions of dragon-type Pokémon in the 5th Generation, Druddigon has the lowest speed?
  • ....That Ash is NOT red's brother?
  • ....That the Shadow Triad are based off of ninjas?
  • ....That Eevee, Girafarig, Ho-Oh and Alomomola are the only Pokémon that have a name that are palindromes?
  • ....That Tangela was the only pure grass Pokémon in Generation I?
  • ....That Ash is always hungry?
  • ....That Ash fell of a Pokémon center bed in generation IV?
  • ....That Genesect (a Bug/Steel Type) can learn the move Fly?
  • ....That every generation (except III and V) has introduced new evolutions of Eevee?
  • ....That Sableye and Spiritomb have no weaknesses?
  • ....That Tyranitar can learn the TM40, Aerial Ace (Flying-type attack)?
  • ....That Victini is the only Psychic/Fire type?
  • ....That Reshiram, a Dragon/Fire type, is not weak against Water type attacks?
  • ....That Normal Pokémon only have either Flying, Water, Grass, Psychic or Fighting as a second type?
  • ....that Arceus has all types of life plates but not Poison?
  • ....That all the rivals in the games are boy except for Bianca and May
  • ....That each region has introduced at least one Pokémon that is only obtainable through special events? E.G. Gen. I - Mew, Gen. II - Celebi, Gen. III - Jirachi, Gen. IV - Arceus, Gen. V - Genesect.
  • ....That Dragonair has the same cry as Ivysaur?
  • ....That each Generation has one Starter Pokémon that walks on four legs

and two that walk on two legs?

  • ....That every playable character in the main series has a hat of some sort?
  • ....That Panpour, Pansage, Pansear and their evolutions can all learn Acrobatics (a Flying-Type move)?
  • ....That there are no members of the Elite Four that specialize in Electric ,Flying or Rock Pokémon?
  • ...that the newest Pokemon game is straying away from colors and gems, instead going for DNA with Pokemon X and Y?
  • ....that all of Ash's main rival and himself all start with a S in Japanese? (Satoshi = Ash, Shigeru = Gary, Shinji = Paul, Shooti = Trip)
  • ....That the three Legendary Birds of the Kanto Region have the first three numbers of the Spanish numerical system in their names? (ArticUNO,ZapDOS,MolTRES)
  • ....That Ash should already be 20 years old?
  • ....That "Rotom" is "motor" backwards
  • ....that Pokémon X and Y is coming this October 2013?
  • ....that Red has appeared in every generation?
  • ....that Tornadus is the only pure Flying-Type Pokemon?

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