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  • ... That Gastly, Haunter and Gengar are the only Ghost-Type Pokemon from Generation I?
  • ... That Brock left the series to become a Pokémon doctor and help Professor Ivy?
  • ... That Zekrom is the only Pokémon with a ¼× Resistance to Electric Type Attacks?
  • ... That Pokémon is estimated to be the most well-known game worldwide?
  • ... That all Pokémon Professors are named after plants?
  • ... That Generation V introduced many Pokémon that do not evolve?
  • ... That there is only one Poison-Type gym?
  • ... That Eevee's name is also a palindrome, Eevee spelled backwards is Eevee?
  • ... That May is the only female that travels with Ash that has a brother?
  • ... That the stone statues in Desert Resort are actually Darmanitan in Zen Mode?

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