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(Dunno how much simpler it can get than this...)
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Region: {{{Region}}}
City: {{{City}}}
[[File:{{{Poke1}}}_BW.gif|center]] [[File:{{{Poke2}}}_BW.gif|center]]
[[File:{{{Poke3}}}_BW.gif|center]] [[File:{{{Poke4}}}_BW.gif|center]]
[[File:{{{Poke5}}}_BW.gif|center]] [[File:{{{Poke6}}}_BW.gif|center]]
|border={{Dark or whatever type}}
|Name= name of gym leader
|Region= Name of region obviously
|City= Name of city obviously
|Badge= Name of the badge.
|Type= Types get put here.
|Poke1= Put just the name of the pokémon here, make sure that it is spelled right so that the picture appears.
|Poke2= same^
|Poke3= same^
|Poke4= same^
|Poke5= same^
|Poke6= same^

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