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'Telepathy' (Japanese: テレパシー Terepashī) is an ability. The ability prevents its allies from hurting it with moves such as Earthquake. This ability also allows Pokémon to talk to humans via telepathy such as Jirachi, Shaymin, and Zorua, etc.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#202 Wobbuffet 202 Type Psychic Dream World
#280 Ralts 280 Type Psychic Dream World
#281 Kirlia 281 Type Psychic Dream World
#282 Gardevoir 282 Type Psychic Dream World
#307 Meditite 307 Type FightingType Psychic Dream World
#308 Medicham 308 Type FightingType Psychic Dream World
#360 Wynaut 360 Type Psychic Dream World
#483 Dialga 483 Type SteelType Dragon Dream World
#484 Palkia 484 Type WaterType Dragon Dream World
#487 Giratina 487 Type GhostType Dragon Dream World
#517 Munna 517 Type Psychic Dream World
#518 Musharna 518 Type Psychic Dream World
#605 Elgyem 605 Type Psychic Natural
#606 Beheeyem 606 Type Psychic Natural


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