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250px-Team Rocket Grunt HGSS

Rocket Grunts in HeartGold and SouSilver

Team Rocket Grunts are the lowest-leveled agents in Team Rocket. They work under Giovanni and Madame boss. They have mean attitudes and they only appear in the anime in Season 1 through 5 and the only appeared in two movies, Mewtwo Strikes Back and its sequel. They are usually easy to defeat in the games. They appear in Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold and SoulSilver.


Gen. I

Jessie and James

Gen. II Male

Gen. II Female
Team Rocket GruntRBsprite
Rocket(Jessie and James)Ysprite
Team Rocket Grunt(M)GSCsprite
Team Rocket Grunt(F)GSCsprite
Gen. III Male

Gen. III Female

Gen. IV Male

Gen. IV Female
Team Rocket Grunt(M)FRLGsprite
Team Rocket Grunt(F)FRLGsprite
Team Rocket Grunt(M)HGSSsprite
Team Rocket Grunt(F)HGSSsprite



In the games


File:Rattata(FRLG)Sprite.png File:RaticateFRLG.png File:Ekans(FRLG)Sprite.png File:Arbok(FRLG)Sprite.png File:Sandshrew(FRLG)Sprite.png File:SandslashFRLG.png File:Zubat(FRLG)Sprite.png File:Golbat(FRLG)Sprite.png File:MachopFRLG.png
Rattata Raticate Ekans Arbok Sandshrew Sandslash Zubat Golbat Machop
File:MachokeFRLG.png File:GrimerFrLG.png File:DrowzeeFRLG.png File:FRLGHypno.png File:Cubone(FRLG)Sprite.png File:MarowakFRLG.png File:Koffing(FrLg)Sprite.png File:Weezing(FrLg)Sprite.png
Machoke Grimer Drowzee Hypno Cubone Marowak Koffing Weezing

Sevii Islands

File:Rattata(FRLG)Sprite.png File:RaticateFRLG.png File:Ekans(FRLG)Sprite.png File:Sandshrew(FRLG)Sprite.png File:SandslashFRLG.png File:Zubat(FRLG)Sprite.png File:Golbat(FRLG)Sprite.png File:Gloom(FRLG)Sprite.png File:MachopFRLG.png
Rattata Raticate Ekans Sandshrew Sandslash Zubat Golbat Gloom Machop
File:MachokeFRLG.png File:GrimerFrLG.png File:Muk(FrLg)Sprite.png File:FRLGHypno.png File:Cubone(FRLG)Sprite.png File:MarowakFRLG.png File:Koffing(FrLg)Sprite.png File:Weezing(FrLg)Sprite.png File:Houndour(RS)Sprite.png
Machoke Grimer Muk Hypno Cubone Marowak Koffing Weezing Houndour


File:Rattata Sprite HGSS.png File:Raticate HGSS.png File:HGSSEkans.png File:Arbok HGSS.png File:Zubat HGSS Male.png File:Golbat HGSS Male.png File:OddishHGSSSprite.png
Rattata Raticate Ekans Arbok Zubat Golbat Oddish
File:Gloom Male HGSS.png File:HGSSVenonat.png File:HGSSGrimer.png File:Muk HGSS.png File:HGSSDrowzee.png File:HGSS Koffing Sprite.png File:Weezing HGSS.png
Gloom Venonat Grimer Muk Drowzee Koffing Weezing

In the anime

Pokémon Information
These Tauros were seen running towards Mewtwo. However, Mewtwo was too strong for them and were easily defeated. They were then levitated in the air, allowing the Team Rocket Grunts to capture them with ease.
Pokémon Information
When the Rocket Grunts scammed the tournament, they used Zubat to battle them.
Pokémon Information
Doduo was also used after Team Rocket scammed the tournament. The Trainer's Rhydon defeated this Pokémon.
Pokémon Information
Venomoth was also used after Team Rocket scammed the tournament. The grunt used Venomoth against the Trainer's Ledian.
Pokémon Information
Nothing is known about the grunt's Skarmory, but it was used against a Trainer's Hitmontop.

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