Team Rocket (ロケット団 Rocket Gang), the third (Japanese)/fourth (English) TCG expansion set of the Original series. It was released on 21 November 1997 in Japanese and 24 April 2000 in English. This expansion set contains 48 cards in Japanese and 64 cards in English.

Theme decks

Card list

Name Type Rarity
1 Dark Alakazam TCG Psychic Holo Rare
2 Dark Arbok TCG Grass Holo Rare
3 Dark Blastoise TCG Water Holo Rare
4 Dark Charizard TCG Fire Holo Rare
5 Dark Dragonite TCG Colorless Holo Rare
6 Dark Dugtrio TCG Fighting Holo Rare
7 Dark Golbat TCG Grass Holo Rare
8 Dark Gyarados TCG Water Holo Rare
9 Dark Hypno TCG Psychic Holo Rare
10 Dark Machamp TCG Fighting Holo Rare
11 Dark Magneton TCG Lightning Holo Rare
12 Dark Slowbro TCG Psychic Holo Rare
13 Dark Vileplume TCG Grass Holo Rare
14 Dark Weezing TCG Grass Holo Rare
15 Here Comes Team Rocket! Trainer Holo Rare
16 Rocket's Sneak Attack Trainer Holo Rare
17 Rainbow Energy Energy Holo Rare
18 Dark Alakazam TCG Psychic Rare
19 Dark Arbok TCG Grass Rare
20 Dark Blastoise TCG Water Rare
21 Dark Charizard TCG Fire Rare
22 Dark Dragonite TCG Colorless Rare
23 Dark Dugtrio TCG Fighting Rare
24 Dark Golbat TCG Grass Rare
25 Dark Gyarados TCG Water Rare
26 Dark Hypno TCG Psychic Rare
27 Dark Machamp TCG Fighting Rare
28 Dark Magneton TCG Lightning Rare
29 Dark Slowbro TCG Psychic Rare
30 Dark Vileplume TCG Grass Rare
31 Dark Weezing TCG Grass Rare
32 Dark Charmeleon TCG Fire Uncommon
33 Dark Dragonair TCG Colorless Uncommon
34 Dark Electrode TCG Lightning Uncommon
35 Dark Flareon TCG Fire Uncommon
36 Dark Gloom TCG Grass Uncommon
37 Dark Golduck TCG Water Uncommon
38 Dark Jolteon TCG Lightning Uncommon
39 Dark Kadabra TCG Psychic Uncommon
40 Dark Machoke TCG Fighting Uncommon
41 Dark Muk TCG Grass Uncommon
42 Dark Persian TCG Colorless Uncommon
43 Dark Primeape TCG Fighting Uncommon
44 Dark Rapidash TCG Fire Uncommon
45 Dark Vaporeon TCG Water Uncommon
46 Dark Wartortle TCG Water Uncommon
47 Magikarp TCG Water Uncommon
48 Porygon TCG Colorless Uncommon
49 Abra TCG Psychic Common
50 Charmander TCG Fire Common
51 Dark Raticate TCG Colorless Common
52 Diglett TCG Fighting Common
53 Dratini TCG Colorless Common
54 Drowzee TCG Psychic Common
55 Eevee TCG Colorless Common
56 Ekans TCG Grass Common
57 Grimer TCG Grass Common
58 Koffing TCG Grass Common
59 Machop TCG Fighting Common
60 Magnemite TCG Lightning Common
61 Mankey TCG Fighting Common
62 Meowth TCG Colorless Common
63 Oddish TCG Grass Common
64 Ponyta TCG Fire Common
65 Psyduck TCG Water Common
66 Rattata TCG Colorless Common
67 Slowpoke TCG Psychic Common
68 Squirtle TCG Water Common
69 Voltorb TCG Lightning Common
70 Zubat TCG Grass Common
71 Here Comes Team Rocket! Trainer Rare
72 Rocket's Sneak Attack Trainer Rare
73 The Boss's Way Trainer Uncommon
74 Challenge! Trainer Uncommon
75 Digger Trainer Uncommon
76 Impostor Oak's Revenge Trainer Uncommon
77 Nightly Garbage Run Trainer Uncommon
78 Goop Gas Attack Trainer Common
79 Sleep! Trainer Common
80 Rainbow Energy Energy Rare
81 Full Heal Energy Energy Uncommon
82 Potion Energy Energy Uncommon
83 Dark Raichu TCG Lightning Holo Rare