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Team Rocket's HQ (anime)

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Team Rocket's Rocket

Team Rocket's Rocket is the one and only Rocket that can fly and stay up in the air for as long as needed. It has Pokecatcher device (On the top) that searchs rare and wanted Pokemon. In this picture, it is setting off for Isshu. This is now Jessie and James home for the time being. They have everything they need to survive. Also, It was Cassidy and Butch's home before Jessie and James took their rank. This Rocket is invincible to almost anything that hits it that is why there is only one of them. Also, the engineering, (As Giovanni said) is the best in the world. Also in this picture it is set up to a science lab looking like it is giving it extra fuel. This lab is where Cassidy and Butch got off when Jessie and James took their place. This Lab is also where Dr. Namba works.


Inside (Communications Room)

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