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Team Plasma2

Team Plasma Grunts in Black and White

B2W2 Team Plasma

Team Plasma Grunts in Black 2 and White 2

Team Plasma Grunt is a Trainer Class introduced in and currently exclusive to Generation V. They are members of the organization Team Plasma. In Black and White, they wear outfits reminiscent of knights while using 5 of the same Pokémon and their evolved forms, mostly Dark-types. In Black and White Versions 2, the faction of Team Neo Plasma headed by Ghetsis wears a darker, militaristic uniform. They use a more diverse team of Pokémon, mainly Poison-, Steel-, and Dark-types. They share a majority of non-Unova Pokémon with the members of Team Rocket. They are fought at various points of the game, trying to stop the player from stopping them from achieving their goal.


N Faction/BW Male Grunt

N Faction/BW Female Grunt

Ghetsis Faction/B2W2 Male Grunt

Ghetsis Faction/B2W2 Female Grunt
Plasma Grunt(M)BWsprite
Plasma Grunt(F)BWsprite
Plasma Grunt(M)B2W2sprite
Plasma Grunt(F)B2W2sprite



Black and White

Patrat BW Watchog BW Purrloin BW Liepard BW Sandile BW Krokorok BW
Patrat Watchog Purrloin Liepard Sandile Krokorok
Krookodile BW Scraggy BW Scrafty BW Trubbish BW Garbodor BW
Krookodile Scraggy Scrafty Trubbish Garbodor

Black 2 and White 2

Rattata BW Raticate BW Golbat BW Magnemite BW Grimer BW Muk BW
Rattata Raticate Golbat Magnemite Grimer Muk
Koffing BW Weezing BW Sneasel BW Zangoose BW Seviper BW Skorupi BW
Koffing Weezing Sneasel Zangoose Seviper Skorupi
Drapion BW Patrat BW Watchog BW Purrloin BW Liepard BW Venipede BW
Drapion Patrat Watchog Purrloin Liepard Venipede
Whirlipede BW Scolipede BW Foongus BW Amoonguss BW Sandile BW Krokorok BW
Whirlipede Scolipede Foongus Amoonguss Sandile Krokorok
Krookodile BW Scraggy BW Scrafty BW Trubbish BW Garbodor BW Pawniard BW
Krookodile Scraggy Scrafty Trubbish Garbodor Pawniard
Deino BW



On hand
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No Image
Gothorita (2x) *

No Image
Beartic (2x) *

No Image
Frillish *

No Image
Deino *

No Image
Muk *


No Image
Pidove *

No Image
Petilil *

B2 W2 A New Legend

BW: Meetings with the Legends

On hand

No Image
Woobat (2x) *



Main series

On hand

Team Plasma Liepard
Liepard (multiple)

Team Plasma Golbat
Golbat *

Team Plasma Muk anime
Muk *

Team Plasma Bisharp
Bisharp (multiple) *

Team Plasma Zangoose
Zangoose (multiple) *



On hand

Team Plasma Muk trailer
Muk *


On hand

Team Plasma Gigalith
Gigalith (multiple) *

Team Plasma Scolipede Generations
Scolipede (multiple) *

Team Plasma Sigilyph
Sigilyph (multiple) *

Team Plasma Whirlipede
Whirlipede (multiple) *

Team Plasma Liepard Generations
Liepard (multiple) *

Team Plasma Mandibuzz
Mandibuzz (multiple) *

Team Plasma Amoonguss
Amoonguss (multiple) *

Team Plasma Krokorok
Krokorok (multiple) *

Team Plasma Seismitoad
Seismitoad (multiple) *

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