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Team Flare is the antagonistic team that appears in Pokémon X and Y. The group was founded by Lysandre in his hopes of creating a "beautiful world". 

They steal whatever resources and materials needed for their plan without remorse. Team Flare hopes to achieve their goal by reactivating the Ultimate Weapon, built centuries ago by AZ, to eliminate all life except themselves to reduce the strain on the world's resources.


The Team Flare grunts all wear fashionable red suits, with matching red sunglasses. Under which is a white shirt and a black tie, along with black gloves and shoes. The Team Flare signal resides on the belt buckle of the outfit. The group has also styled their hair to look like red flames.

The Admins wear white business suits, with red shirts and gloves. Females wear a skirt, with red tights; they also have fluffy red hair. The males are bald. Like the grunts, they possess a belt buckle with the Team Flare signal.


Teame Flare pilfers many things during the course of the tale. They steal power from the Lumiose City power plant, plunging half the city into darkness until Calem/Serena "evicts" them, in order to try waking the legendary Pokémon trapped in the form of a tree/cocoon.

To compensate the Ultimate Weapon's power needs, they steal Poké Balls from the manufacturing plant; these are used to capture numerous Pokémon. These Pokémon are used as "batteries" to fuel the Ultimate Weapon, by feeding it their life energy via the strange stones near the device.

Attached to the device's core is the legendary Pokémon that Team Flare is attempting to drain dry of its powers in order to further increases the weapon's destructive powers.

Eventually, Calem/Serena battle their way into the depths of the hideout and dismantle the Ultimate Weapon. The results in all the energy sucked out of the tree/cocoon surging back into it and awakening Xerneas/Yeveltal. Annoyed, but surprised by the result, Lysandre attempts to subdue them and reattach the legendary Pokémon to the Ultimate Weapon to continue his plans. However, he is defeated and accepts the result. Unfortunately, due to wanting to make the battle a Draw, Lysandre uses the available energy in the device in a suicidal attempt to destroy the hideout. Calem/Serena barely manage to escape alive, while Lysandre perishes.

Following the sinking of the Ultimate Weapon, Team Flare is no more. Some of their former members can be found across Kalos, wondering what to do with their lives now that the "beautiful world" they envisioned can no longer be achieved.

Xerosic decides to take up his own research by stealing and selling the Pokémon belonging to the residents of Lumiose City in the meantime, coming into confrontation with member of the international police force - Looker!



Male Grunt VS Scene in X and Y

Female Grunt VS Scene in X and Y

Male Admin VS Scene in X and Y

Female Admin VS Scene in X and Y
XY VSFlare Grunt Male

XY VSFlare Grunt Female

XY VSFlare Admin Male

XY VSFlare Admin Female


  • The female grunts have a near-similar hairstyle to Gauche from Tales of Vesperia.
  • Elite Four member Malva was once a member. 
  • All but Lysandre primarily use Scraggy, Mightyena, Scrafty, Purrloin (who are Dark-types) and the occasional Poison-type Pokémon.
  • Unlike previous "Team" henchmen, Flare grunts have their team signal on a belt buckle, instead of on their shirts.
  • The grunts always say they have to do something with style, mistaking the "Flare" in Team Flare for "Flair".
  • Two members disguised as a Garçon and a Waitress are battled in Lysandre Café.
  • Unlike past Teams, Admins are actually generic foes like Grunts. Only the scientists prove to be unique.


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