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Tara Sands
Birth Date: September 20, 1975
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Language: English
Notable Character(s): Ritchie

Jasmine (4kids dub)

Tara Sands (born as Tara Jayne) is an English voice actress and one of the original voice actresses for Pokémon. She has been known to voice both male and female humans in the Pokémon series (Young males). Aside from this she was also credited for playing the main character Tiara from Shamanic Princess. She also has some voice roles in video games.

Pokémon Roles

Human Characters


Non-Pokémon Roles

  • Tiara (Shamanic Princess)
  • Genis Sage, Seles Wilder, Noble B, Verius (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World)
  • Ria Petoriyacowa (Agent Aika)
  • Chase (Fighting Foodons)
  • Aun Freya (Photon: The Idiot Adventures)
  • Solude (Maze)
  • Tadami (Legend of Himiko)
  • Mokuba Kaiba (Yugioh (Up to season 4), Yugioh the Movie, Yugioh Capsule Monsters Coliseum)
  • Circe (Generator Rex)
  • Anzai (Ghost Talker's Daydream (Credited as Rita Stevens))
  • Princess Rona's Lady in Waiting (Kirby! Right Back At Ya!)


  • It is noted on her official website, her animation reel plays several voices of characters she has portrayed, including Marissa.
  • She, along with fellow former Pokémon VA Megan Hollingshead, worked in "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World" as Genis Sage and Sheena Fujibayashi respectively, though neither of them were credited for it.
    • She also voiced Seles Wilder, a Female Noble, and Verius, the Summon Spirit of Heart.
  • Tara was involved in 7 anime OVA's not meant for children, despite the fact that she not only voices children's anime but also narrates children's audio books.
  • For a time she was the co-hostess of Cartoon Network's Friday's block.
  • Despite having Jasmine return in Pokémon DP Sinnoh League Victors, Tara did not reprise this role.

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