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'''Tangled Feet''' is an ability that increases a [[Pokémon]]'s [[Statistics#Evasion|evasion]] when the Pokémon is [[Status effects#Confused|confused]]. 5 Pokémon have this ability.
'''Tangled Feet''' is an [[ability]] that increases a [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon]]'s [[Statistics#Evasion|evasion]] when [[Status effects#Confused|confused]].
==Pokémon With Tangled Feet==
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!style="background-color: #{{Flying}}; color: black;"|Pokédex

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Tangled Feet is an ability that increases a Pokémon's evasion when confused.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#016 Pidgey 016 Type NormalType Flying Natural
#017 Pidgeotto 017 Type NormalType Flying Natural
#018 Pidgeot 018 Type NormalType Flying Natural
#084 Doduo 084 Type NormalType Flying Dream World
#085 Dodrio 085 Type NormalType Flying Dream World
#327 Spinda 327 Type Normal Natural
#441 Chatot 441 Type NormalType Flying Natural
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