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I can totally agree that Steel Pokemon are effective against Rock Pokemon and Ice Pokemon...

With its weaknesses, there are Fire Pokemon, Ground Pokemon and Fighting Pokemon

I'm just wondering... what about Water Pokemon?

I figure water slows down the mobility of steel...

An example is Onix's phobia for water...

More about weaknesses

I agree with whoever said that steels should be weak to water thanks to oxidation (and forgot to identify him/herself by signing their entry!).  Well, okay, not all metals rust, and some oxidation is actually positive — did you know that aluminum actually oxidizes immediately on contact with air, but its oxide, called corundum, is thin and transparent and actually protects the metal from further exposure?  (Source: The Elements, by Theodore Gray, page 39)

AJ-PiGuy-Caesium-Tempo (talk) 21:47, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

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