That must be rare! I must be lucky because I caught a shiny Graveler (orange). I hate it but my freind loves it so for now I am keeping Graveler. If you look at a shiny Pokemon's summary and look at its picture their should be a star.

I had no idea what a shiny pokemon was when I caught one. It was a bidoof in lake verity.


i managed to catch a Lv. 40 red Garados, and a green oddish.


If shiny pokemon evolves will its' next stage in evolution be shiny too?


my sister caught a shiny whismer, and when it evolved it a shiny loudred. i also read in a guidbook that a shiny pokemon stays shiny when it evolves. of course all shinies will stay shiny unless you find a code that deletes it . dont try. I have a shiny woo bat and boldoe and conkeldore and finally a shinytranquill they willl all evolve and stay shiny

Shiny Magikarp Coincidence

believe it or not, right after i caught the the shiny gyardos at the lake of rage, i encountered a shiny magikarp.

but that sucks because if i evolved it, people would just think i got it from the lake o rage.

Electricflame (talk) 21:37, August 26, 2012 (UTC)Electricflame

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