Will Ash's Pikachu ever evolve into this? And how do you say it's name? I can't pronounce it. r A chu? rachu (Tiffany Sorenson) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Hi there! It is uncertain if Ash's Pikachu will ever evolve as it is the main identifier of the anime, though from my own personal observations I also come to the assumption that Pikachu will never evolve. However, in both the episode IL014: Electric Shock Showdown and DP074: Pika and Goliath!, Pikachu is seen to refuse evolving into Raichu via Thunderstone. Also to help your query, Raichu is pronounced RYE - choo as listed on the article page itself. Hope this helps! -helenaanne  talk ♥ 04:14, June 10, 2013 (UTC)
 Yes! Thank you much! :3 Now the only other question that is really important to me... Is at the bottom of Snivy talk,the last one that says please help and doesn't have an answer yet. If you can answer it great! If you can't it's ok too. Thanks very much! If I once again spelled important wrong,sorry. :/ I hate spelling things wrong. Really I am Tiffany Sorenson but last time I typed that name in again,they didn't allow me to publish this and you didn't get my reply -> (Sp0ttedLeaf)