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I removed the trivia bullet "Platinum is the first game to be named after a metal since Pokémon Gold and Silver. However, both Gold and Silver are also considered colors, making Platinum the first game named only for a metal."

Platinum is definitely a color. What about people with platinum blond hair? I guess their hair is a metal, not a color.


you syole it from bulbapediaInsert non-formatted text here

-- 15:23, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Hi guys, I'm active on Bulbapedia and I just want to leet you guys know a couple things:

  • 1): This is plagirism, pure and simple. Copying from Wikipedia is ok, because they are free use, but since Bulbapedia runs ads, and is on it's own server, the same rules don't apply.
  • 2): Most people wouldn't mind if you had asked. It's not like it would have been a big deal.
  • 3): Beyond the pratical implications, look at the morals of the situation. This is wrong, especially considering how long people worked to make that page.

I just wanted to make these points, and I hope the situation can be resolved peacefully. I go by Aura-Knight over on Bulbapedia, but the man to talk to about this would be TTE, the editor-in-chief. Solox 00:58, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

TTE has said something. They ignored it.
Actually, the situation is all under control, thanks guys. — THE TROM — 08:16, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

more legendary pokemon in platinum

shouldn't it be mentioned in platinum the player is able to catch moltres, zapdos and articuno and regi ice, regi rock and regi steel while in diamond and pearl that is not possible?

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