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Pikachu is famous for being the mascot for Pokemon. Its best friends in Super Smash Bros. series is Mario, Link, and Kirby.

pikachu is a small little pokemon that has the strikes of lighting has little red cheeks that sting he is most likely to be a boy than a girl he has a tale that hits his own aponites him and rachio an pichu are all like cousins cuase thay all look the same pikachu belongs to ash when ash first meets ash he stings him you can look it up on youtube ash is so happy to have pikachu and so is pikachu pikachu is cute and fun loving pokemon but not when you get him angry team rocket trys to catch pikachu but failies every time first thay sometimes catch him but he always gets out thay want to catch pikachu becuase hes a one of a kind strong pokemon pikachu mainly sies pika or pikachu and is cute an so adorible sorry if theres any misspelings my ipods acting funny lately

Base Stats Total

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Ash's Pikachu

  If you have watched Pokemon you'll know there is a boy named Ash who is ready to be a pokemon trainer. He is late to get his first pokemon and so all 3 start pokemon for new trainer has been already taken. However, the professer hid a fourth which he gave to Ash. An electric type pokemon named Pikachu.

  At first,when Ash tried to command pikachu to do things, pikachu refused to listen. And Ash also discovered that his pikachu was one of the pokemon who are scared to go into pokeballs. So Ash aloud pikachu to stay out of a pokeball and walk freely with him. Soon pikachu quickly began to trust Ash and they became great friends. Pikachu loves to ride on Ash's shoulder.

  As they had many adventures they also met many friends. Some joined them and came with Ashe and pikachu as they continued having adventures. Some of these friends are: Misty,Brok,and others too! Ash captured and bonded with other pokemon as they adventured. Like Snivy!

  There are so many adventures that pikachu is having with his best friend Ash that they can't fit on one cd! There are shows with episodes, Movies,etc.! There is one with 4 movies. But there are just so many adventures of Ash and pikachu...Can you keep up?

  Let me tell you about some of the adventures they have had. POKEMON 4 EVER: In this one a Celebi (the voice of the forest) is being hunted by a pokemon hunter. A boy saves it but they are still in danger. In order to escape, the weakened Celebi calls out and travels into the future carring the boy with it. In the future they have traveled to, the boy is discovered by Ash and his friends and are taken to a city in the forest to be taken care of. Celebi had flown off back home. It was still weak but thought it was safe..But little did everyone know ,there is a more dangerous think lurking around.An evil man has a plan to capture Celebi with a device he called the Dark Ball. The dark ball transforms the captured pokemon into a bigger, much more powerful, and evil pokemon. It's a good thing that the boy and his new friends are searching in the forest for Celebi or they wouldn't have seen the evil man capture Celebi after they had found Celebi and cared for it. Now Celebi is powerful and evil and is wrecking the forest it is ment to protect! Can the boy and his new friends stop the evil Celebi and evil man or will it finally be a battle that they lose? Watch it to find out.

 POKEMON HEROS:THE MOVIE: There is an amazing city where Ash and his friends have come to race pokemon. They make a wrong turn and lose the race but Ash doesn't care. The race was for fun and it wasn't the only reason they came. They also came to see the muesum and get a few more unexpected surpises. Like Ash and Pikachu seeing a girl who was being attacked then later the girl acts like she has never seen them. As Ashe and Pikachu search for the girl to figure out what is going on,they spot her disappearing into a wall! It is a secret place that they follow her into. They run after her in the calm place and she smiles and rides on a swing.  But suddenly something happens and an invisable pokemon attacks pikachu! The girl runs off in front of them to protect them and the pokemon stops. It also becomes visable. Ash and pikachu look at it in amazement and find that it is the legendary pokemon Latios! All of a sudden a girl who looks just like the girl they had followed comes. Ash notices that she has a hat,she is the one who acted like she didn't know them and that was because...She didn't! They were different girls! The girl does not trust Ash and tells Latios to attack but an old man comes and tells them all that there is no harm being done and stops them from attacking. The girl Ash had followed starts to play with them but Ash asks why she had the name Latias which was the legendary pokemon sister of Latios and finds that it isn't a girl! It is Latias the pokemon who can make herself look human! Ash and pikachu have a blast with the new friends but when they leave, the two girls who had attacked what Ash now knew was Latias, came and took Latios and the Soul Dew! Latias gets away but can they save Latios and the entire city from the two evil girls or will the city be destroyed by the water that drains out of the city because of the two girls taking the Soul Dew? Watch it to find out!

  POKEMON DESTINY DEOXYS: Four years ago a big rock crashed into the earth carrying a pokemon known as Deoxys who could regenerate it's body. Rayquaza believes that Deoxys was trespassing in it's territory and attacks Deoxys. Deoxys fell deep into the sea and Rayquaza leaves. That was four years ago but now in the present...Ash signs up for a pokemon battle and his partner turns out to be a boy who is terrified of pokemon. After a long time,Ash gets the boy to be friends with pokemon instead of fearing them by letting him get to know pikachu but Deoxys was slowing regenerating all those years and has now broken free of the ocean. It multipled and began taking people and pokemon away. Rayquaza sensed Deoxys was on earth and came back. Deoxys created a force field which prevented Rayquaza from entering and damage from coming but also prevented any electric use. Ash and his friends use Pikachu,Plusle,and Minun's electric moves to power things instead but can they figure out what is wrong with Deoxys and stop this or will Rayquaza breake through the force field and battle Deoxys creating destruction of the city? Watch to find out!

  POKEMON JIRACHI WISH MAKER: Ash and pikachu are with his friends and it is very peaceful. There is no destruction or evil plans in motion and it seems everyone can finally relax. There is even a place set up with a faris wheel! The friends go into a tent made of balloons and watch an amazing show! But Max hears a voice coming from a strange,pretty rock that a girl from the show is holding and discovers that it is Jirachi and it has chosen Max as his friend. When the stone became Jirachi because Jirachi had awakened, Max tried Jirachi's wishing power out by wishing for candy. However he discovered that Jirachi did not have a wishing power. He could only teleport things and they had almost made a candy stand go out of bussiness if they had not carried it all back! While the people are sleeping it turns out that after all this peace,trouble is brewing after all!The man from the show steals Jirachi back to his tent and forces it to open it's true eye so he could test it's power. After all the cumotion,the friends awaken and take Jirachi from the man. Suddenly an Absol comes to take Jirachi back home but the man captures it as the friends run off. Finally Absol breaks free from the cage and the friends also decide they should bring Jirachi home after all. The man sends out a pokemon after them that doesn't catch them but manages to put a tracking divise on the car they are driving! On a bumpy road it falls off but something could still happen... So will they safely get Jirachi home or will trouble be waiting when they arrive? Watch to find out!

 Ok that is all I know about Ash's pikachu and those are the only 4 adventures of Ash and pikachu I've watched. I hope you liked and this wasn't too long for you. Sorry if any misspelling are found.

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