Mystery Template?

The last version of this article included the following code for a template called pokeinfobox:

{{pokeinfobox | image=[[Image:Oddish.png]] | name= Oddish | number=43 | preceding= [[Golbat]] | following= [[Gloom (Pokémon)|Gloom]] | johtonumber= 83 | johtopreceding= [[Slowking]] | johtofollowing= [[Gloom (Pokémon)|Gloom]] | hoennnumber= 88 | hoennpreceding= [[Illumise]] | hoennfollowing= [[Gloom (Pokémon)|Gloom]] | japanname= Nazonokusa | evolvesto= [[Gloom (Pokémon)|Gloom]] | generation= First | species= Weed Pokémon | stage= Basic | type= Grass | type2= Poison | height= 1 ft 8 in | metricheight= 0.5 | weight= 12 | metricweight= 5.4 | color= Blue | shinycolor= Its blue body turns green, and its green leaves get a yellow tint. | ability= Chlorophyll | sigattack= Absorb }}

However, the template itself either doesn't work or does not exist on this Wiki. Yet I've seen this info, in close to this format, on the Pokédex entries (vide Bulbasaur in all its glory, for example). I don't know squat about making, using or editing templates; can someone get the Pokédex-style info box onto this page and transfer Oddish's info from the above? Thank'ee... -- Marius the Wanderer 06:52, 3 January 2008 (UTC)

Someone want to add Vileplume's moveset to this page? Zeroblizzard 20:28, January 10, 2011 (UTC)Zeroblizzard

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