Former member of Team Flare?

Platinum Lucas
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Where did that info about Malva was a former member of Team Flare came from, I haven't seen it that she mentioned when I was in the Pokemon League or did she said that in the post game?

Rainbow Grace... Disturbed
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"Enough for now. I brought you here for a reason. The first issue is the identity of the Trainer called Essentia. In truth, she is simply a girl called Emma, wearing a piece of special technology dubbed the Expansion Suit. The Expansion Suit was created by Dr. Xerosic. I can see that name means something to you. You remember him, I take it. ...One of Team Flare's scientists. This brings me to my request, young man/lady. Make sure Xerosic disappears. I don't care how. If you need a reason, call it honor among thieves. Even we in Team Flare had our sense of pride. You may have disagreed with us, but we doing what we thought right. I won't let him sully our honor now. The hero of Kalos would hardly wish for that girl Emma to keep staining her hands with these crimes as Essentia. If you want to help the girl, you need to put an end to Xerosic. And that I can help you with! If we leave now, we can find him at Lysandre Café. Don't dawdle. Be ready to face death if you go. Prepare well if you want a shot at surviving."- After being defeated in Luminose City's Hotel Richissime

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