Obtaining Jirachi


Does anyone know how to obtain Jirachi through normal means, or know how to safely clone in Dimond, Pearl, and Platinum? I CAN'T GET TO THE PROMO! :(

Yes actualy, Pokemon are all very easy to clone. All you have to do is to get two of the same game (or one Diamond and one Pearl) and trade with them. NOTICE THE TWO GAMES SAVE BEFORE TRADING. Swap Jirachi for any Pokemon, then once the trade is complete, the game without Jirachi must be turned off. MAKE SURE THE OTHER GAME HAS RECIEVED JIRACHI OR YOU WILL LOSE IT! Too many people turn the game off too early! You should wait until the game shows the two Pokemon parties of the two trainers again, then instead of exiting, turn the game off. TURN OFF ONLY THE ONE WITHOUT JIRACHI. The other game will be disconnected from the trade and will leave the room, still in possesion of Jirachi. Save that game. Turn the other game on, and since it saved before the trade and you turned it off before saving again, you will have Jirachi back. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SWAP JIRACHI FOR ANOTHER VALUABLE POKEMON AS YOU WILL LOSE THE POKEMON THAT YOU GIVE FOR JIRACHI TO BE CLONED! Small price to pay, however, when that pokemon is something like a Pidgey. If you dont believe me, try it out with weaker pokemon first, and make sure you are comfortable with how it works. This trick will work for all pokemon, on all games. --EndOfTheWorld 15:19, April 4, 2010 (UTC)

This didnt work D:

I'm Confused......

I have Pokemon Sapphire and FireRed, Sapphire is my favorite. It seemed to me like the two ultimate goals of the game was to beat the Elite Four (Which I have done, but I've restarted now with a new character) and Complete the Pokédex... But how can you possibly complete the Pokédex if you can't get one of the Pokémon in it with Ruby OR Sapphire? I know you could get it from Diamond and Pearl, and some special disk for Colloseum, but I'm sure both of those came out AFTER Sapphire (100% sure about D and P). I just don't understand.....Forgot to add a signature... oops... Magma-Man 08:37, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

If you want to complete the Nat'l dex, you'll have to trade with other games anyways. But if you're just trying to complete the Hoenn Pokédex, the 'dex is considered complete without the two event-only Pokémon (Jirachi and Deoxys).


Is Jirachi the lightest Pokemon, as it has 1.1 kg? Energy X 21:52, March 9, 2013 (UTC)

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