Third evolution

This comic brought up an interesting idea about this species. Presumably, the evolution might've originally been intended as Cubone > Marowak > Kangaskhan? Something related to an "M glitch"? There does appear to be visual similarities and it would explain why they differ from the standard 3-step evolution. +Yc 05:25, September 5, 2012 (UTC)

I wasn't sure what this 'M glitch' thing was but I found something that appears to explain it here:

The famous method for finding MissingNo. Is, basically, as follows:
Fly to Viridian City, go talk to the man who teaches you how to catch Pokemon, say NO, he shows you how to catch Pokemon.
Then you must fly to Cinnabar Island, go to the East side, surf up and down the edge, and you can find it, along with Pokemon of strange levels that sometimes shouldn't even be there.
When/ if you catch 'M or MissingNo. (They claim to be different, but their just different codes for the same thing; it's complicated) the Pokemon, if under any status effect, will suddenly be cured of it after catching it, and you must beet it to get rid of it.
Then, if you put 'M/ MissingNo. at the front of your party, then get in a battle and win it, it levels up to a random lvl, then evolves into Kanghaskan, changing from "Bird" type to "Normal" type.
The origin of MissingNo.'s name comes from the fact that it has no number and the origin of 'M is likely Marowak (M)

Though I'm not entirely sure why Marrowak would be a bird type... +Yc 05:34, September 5, 2012 (UTC)

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