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Re: the plot of the episode is...

as our episode begins Ash & co on there way to Brycen Gym on there way there Ash & Krokorok do a little Trainning however now complete Ash stops krokorok in front of the gym as they head in slipping on the ice they were greeted by none other then Brycen the gym leader as the battle begins as:

Brycen chose Vinnilish & Ash chose his Scraggy Ash on the winning side against Brycen told Vinnilish to use Blizzard & Ash told Scraggy block it and to use High Jump kick however missed Brycen told to use blizzard once more as Scraggy then told him to use Focous Blast while loseing balance Ash told Scraggy to finish it with Headbutt to give it the win here...

Byrcen then chose Crygonal as Scraggy who was beaten nearly in the first round told it to use Focus Blast however missed Byrcen the told it Rapid Spin & Frost breath then Ash told use Scraggy it to use headbutt which missed & almost fell to the ground as Byrcen told it to use Refect & Aurora Beam to finish Scraggy off now down two to two Ash chose Pignite he said to use Flame Charge which would break through the refect as Byrcen told it to use Refect & then Rabid spin which didn't stop Ash he then told it to use Flame perdge and aim for it's center wihch did as he beat Cryrgonal now down to his final pokemon Brycen did his little speach as he chose Beartic...

Ash who said he was waiting for that one started the battle against beartic as the battle begins ash chose pignite to use it's speed however brycen told it to use Brine to reduce pignite's flame now weak and on the ground & couldn't stand Brycen to Beartic to use Arial ace to finish it...'

Now down to his last pokemon Ash told krokorok was injured before to use stone edge which Brycen the defended & told Beartic to use icicle crash to defend itself however now noticed while it was defending Ash told it to Jump & stone edge again now defending itself noticing one of the rock on the ground

small plot: Ash sees a stone edge on what Bianca used in the Comploshion ternument & hatched a small plan

after that it told ash told krokorok to jump in to the air and used stone edge as he was coming down brycen told it to do arial ace however Krokork in the Air grabbed to of the stone's and used a little slash attack to finish it off for him & Ash's 7th gym badge win...

well thats it tell me what you think...Trainer Micah (talk) 23:04, October 4, 2012 (UTC)

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