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The name is correct

Ash's Snivy is the ENGLISH NAME. There is nothing wrong with the page. Franky bob (Talk!) 01:11, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

Gender and Attacks

In a way I was really glad that Ash's Snivy turned out to be a female she first appeared because when I first saw the first concept of a Snivy and it's evolutions, I immediately thought of it as female. Plus it is about the fourth time Ash has captured a female and I'm glad his Snivy has been female. Her attacks are advanced which I find very strange, though she is not Ash's first pokemon with powerful attacks while in her base form. Two of her most powerful are Leaf Storm and Leaf Blade, which are considered to two of the five or six strongest Grass-type attacks, she has a strong Vine Whip and Attract. So I would have to say that Snivy is the strongest pokemon in Ash's Unova team.

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