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I'm really disappointed that Ash never checks in on Primeape or even mentions it again. He checks back on all of his other Pokemon! -Bluestripe

He doesn't want to get thrashed... lol. Ash: A donut. Misty: A donut Pokémon. Orban Sirgen 18:01, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

What was the Point?

What was the point of having a Primeape if Ash only had it for about five episodes? On top of that Why don't they every mention Primeape. The other Pokemon were mentioned or seen at least one more time, Primeape on the other hand, Ash and his friend never see nor hear about Primeape ever. So in other words Primeape is partically useless. Not to mention more than half the time Primeape was inside it's pokeball. User:Venage237

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