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Talent showdown
Talent Showdown
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Talent Showdown is a book in the Pokemon anime adaption series by Tracey West, it is one of the only books that contains an original story that is not based on an anime episode. It takes place after Race to Danger (and they both take place after the episode: Scyther, Heart of a Champion)


It's Total Request Pokémon!

The stage is set for an explosive Pokémon Talent Show. There's a juggling Executor, a singing Charmander - even a dancing Farfetch's. Ash wants to beat Gary but he doesn't have an act. And that's not all he has to worry about. Team Rocket's grand finale has the audience glued to their seats, and all the Pokémon under their spell! It's curtains for the Pokémon - unless Ash can steal the show.




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