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Tail Whip is a Normal type Pokémon move. It is available in all the Pokémon games.

Move stats

Base power: 0
Type: Normal
Power points: 30
Special effects: Reduces the Defense stat of the defending Pokémon. In a 2X2 battle, it effects both defending Pokémon.
This move is not a contact move.

Contest stats

Appeal type: Cute
Appeal points: 2
Jam: None

Pokémon who can learn the move



NameRed/BlueYellowGold/Silver/CrystalRuby/SapphireFire Red/Leaf GreenBlack/White
Squirtle Level 4Level 4Level 4Level 4Level 4
Rattata StartStartStartStartStart
Pikachu  Level 6Level 6Level 6Level 6
Nidoran♀ Level 21Level 23Level 23Level 8Level 8
Nidorina Level 23Level 27Level 27  
Vulpix StartStartStartLevel 6Level 6
Psyduck Level 28Level 28Level 5Level 5Level 5
Ponyta Level 30Level 30Level 8Level 9Level 9
Cubone  StartLevel 5Level 5Level 5
Rhyhorn Level 35Level 35StartStartStart
Chansey  StartLevel 9Level 5Level 5
Kangaskhan Level 31Level 31Level 19Level 13Level 13
Goldeen StartStartStartStartStart
Tauros Level 28Level 28StartLevel 4Start
Eevee Level 31Level 31StartStartStart
Vaporeon Level 37Level 37   
Jolteon Level 37Level 37   
Flareon Level 37Level 37   
Pichu   Level 6Level 6Level 6
Marill   Level 6Level 6Level 6
Hoppip    Level 5Level 5
Aipom   StartStartStart
Wooper   StartStartStart
Snubbull    Level 4Level 4
Blissey   Level 7Level 4Level 4
Zigzagoon    Level 5Level 5
Azurill    Level 6Level 6
Skitty    Level 3Level 3
Kecleon    StartStart
Tepig Start

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