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Gender: Male
Region: Orange Islands
Friends: Ash, Misty, Tracey
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: Charizard Chills
Voice actor: Maddie Blaustein (English)

Tad is a character of Pokémon anime.


Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands

Tad met Ash when he, Misty and Tracey were traveling on Lapras. Challenging Ash to a battle after defeating Rudy, Tad sent Poliwrath against Ash's Pikachu, who was soon put to sleep due to Hypnosis. Ash sent Charizard, who disobeyed him. Poliwrath used Ice Beam and the battle was canceled, so Tad told Ash to have a rematch after he controls that "thing".

After Team Rocket was defeated, Ash and Tad had a rematch. Though Poliwrath proved to be powerful, Charizard defeated it using Seismic Toss, making Ash win the battle. Tad congratulated Ash and went off the island.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Tad's Poliwrath
Poliwrath is Tad's strongest Pokémon and is only Pokémon. It knocked Charizard out with a Water Gun on the tail and an Ice Beam. When Poliwrath launched Mega Kick, Charizard grabbed Poliwrath's foot and wins with a Seismic Toss and Take Down attack.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
[[|OI024]] Charizard Chills


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