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Tabitha is a character appearing in the Advanced Generation series, who was an admin of Team Magma.


Tabitha is a man with black hair. Tabitha is a tall person with dark eyes, who wears a red shirt with the logo of Team Magma etched onto it. The shirt is with a hood, decorated with two black horns and a black dot in the front and has a short red cloak on its back. Tabitha also wears a black uniform, underneath his shirt with two pairs of grey stripes around his thighs. He also wears red pants, black shoes and a pair of red gloves with red bands around his forearms.


Tabitha, being a commander of Team Magma, is a tough, intimidating man. He uses brute force to accomplish things he is ordered to. He also values Maxie in a high regard and would protect him and obey his commands. He also has some rivalry with Shelly of Team Aqua and would battle her whenever they face each other.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

AG027 4

A man in a red uniform appears.

Tabitha came off an airship with his team. Together, they came into a Secret Base, which was occupied by Team Rocket. Before Team Rocket could recite their motto, Tabitha had them chased away by Mightyena. Once everything was secure, Tabitha's team started drilling through the Secret Base, revealing a cave behind, with an ancient building. Tabitha and his team came to the ancient building, where Tabitha ordered his men to search the ruins for the Red Orb. Once Team Aqua, led by Shelly, arrived, Tabitha sent Mightyena to attack them, but Shelly had her Carvanha use Hydro Pump to deflect the attack. Shelly had her team search the building, but Tabitha did not interfere, as both Team Aqua and Team Magma were searching for the Red and Blue Orbs, suspecting the place was the Cave of Origin. However, both teams confirmed this was but an abandoned ancient shrine. Without further ado, Tabitha called his Mightyena back and retreated with his team.[1]

AG036 17

Tabitha and the grunts are attacked by Blizzard.

Tabitha snuck into the Slateport Museum with two of the grunts. There, they confronted Captain Stern and took his briefcase, containing a stone, which was created by a Legendary Pokémon. They ran off, but were confronted by Team Rocket, who sent Seviper and Cacnea. Tabitha's Mightyena managed to evade their attacks and blast them off with Iron Tail. Ash, Max, Marius and Captain Stern arrived and confronted Tabitha as well. Ash sent Pikachu and Corphish, while Captain Stern a Sealeo, asking Marius and Max to run off and report to Officer Jenny for this crime Team Magma was doing. Tabitha had Mightyena use Hyper Beam, but the attack was negated. He also attempted to attack Max and Marius, but failed. Per Stern's advice, Ash tried to run off with the suitcase, while Sealeo used Blizzard on Team Magma. However, Ash was hit and dropped the suitcase, causing the stone inside to be split into two uneven pieces. Tabitha took the greater piece and flew off with his grunts away before the police arrived.[2]

AG054 8

Tabitha and Shelly meeting each other once more.

Tabitha came with her team to Mt. Chimney, to retrieve a meteorite. There, they found a scientist, named Professor Cozmo, who took the meteorite. As they were threatening Cozmo to give them the meteorite, they encountered Team Aqua, who came to take the meteorite as well. Both Team Magma and Aqua sent some of their grunts to chase Professor Cozmo, while the rest, including Shelly and Tabitha, started out a battle. Since Team Magma was winning, Shelly and her grunts retreated. Eventually, a squad stole the meteorite from Professor Cozmo and brought it to Tabitha, who had the other squad activate a laser, which was to make the volcano active again. Cozmo distracted some of the grunts, allowing Ash to disable the laser. Tabitha went after Ash to attack him and take the meteorite, but was tackled by Professor Cozmo. Since he felt the meteorite caused more trouble than good, Cozmo pushed the laser and the meteorite into the lava. Tabitha was angry and fled with his squad into a helicopter. Regardless, Tabitha was pleased, for they knew the mistakes of their project and even managed to stop Team Aqua from fulfilling their plans.[3]

AG097 14

Tabitha forces Ash to go to the plane.

Before returning to the base, Tabitha was scouting for their enemies, Team Aqua. He returned to the base and reported to Maxie they found traces of certain people, but could not confirm if they really were Team Aqua. Maxie noticed the heroes, who intruded their base, so Tabitha had his grunts capture them. Ash protested, so Tabitha wanted to silence him, but Maxie calmed both sides down. After Maxie talked with the heroes, he wanted Tabitha to lock them up. However, a crash made everyone lose their balance, as Team Aqua started attacking. Seeing Pikachu wanted to take the Blue Orb, Tabitha had his Mightyena protect the orb, but failed. Just as Ash and Pikachu were to escape, Tabitha and his Mightyena cornered him and captured him. Thus, Tabitha went on a plane to Monsu Island, where the meeting between Team Aqua and Magma took place. There, Tabitha stood by Maxie's side, who spoke with Archie, leader of Team Aqua.[4]

AG098 20

Team Aqua and Team Magma see the errors of their ways.

Tabitha stood by Maxie and he and his grunts sent Mightyena to attack Team Aqua's Walrein. He also had a grunt, who was the spy, Lance, go with Maxie to battle Archie, who wanted to flood the island. An earthquake caused them both to fall down, so Tabitha rushed to Maxie to help him stand back up. Per his leader's orders, Tabitha went after the children. He was soon joined by Maxie, as they both watched how Pikachu freed Groudon from Team Aqua's submarine. Along with Shelly, Tabitha watched the clash between Kyogre and Groudon.[5]


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