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TM41 is a TM introduced in Generation I. Its move varies between generations.

Generation I Normal TM Sprite Soft-Boiled
RBY Obtain from a man at the house across from the pond in Celadon City.
Generation II Electric TM Sprite Thunder Punch
GSC Purchase at the Goldenrod Department Store for Poké Dollar3000.
Generation III Dark TM Sprite Torment
RS Obtain from a Sailor at the Contest Hall in Slateport City.
E Obtain from a Sailor at the Battle Tent in Slateport City.
FRLG Find at the Silph Co. on the 4th floor.
Generation IV Dark TM Sprite Torment
DPPt Find at Victory Road on the 1st floor.
HGSS Find in Route 8.

Purchase at the Celadon Department Store for
Poké Dollar1500.

Generation V Dark TM Sprite Torment
BW Find in Route 4.
B2W2 Find in the Castelia Sewers.
Generation VI Dark TM Sprite Torment
XY Obtain from a boy looking at mushrooms in Laverre City.
ORAS Obtain from a Sailor at the Contest Hall in Slateport City.

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