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TM09 is a TM introduced in Generation I. Its move varies between generations.

Games Location/Method
Normal TM Sprite Take Down - Generation I
RBY Find at the Silph Co. or purchase at the Celadon Department Store for Poké Dollar3000
Normal TM Sprite Psych Up - Generation II
Grass TM Sprite Bullet Seed - Generation III
RSE Obtain from a boy near the flower shop on Route 104
FRLG Find on the 1st floor of Mt. Moon
Grass TM Sprite Bullet Seed - Generation IV
DPPt Find in Route 204
HGSS Find on a ledge on Route 32
Poison TM Sprite Venoshock - Generation V
BW Find in Route 15
B2W2 Obtain from Roxie at Virbank City Gym after defeating her
Poison TM Sprite Venoshock - Generation VI
XY Find on the east side of Route 6
ORAS Purchase at Mauville City's Poké Mart for Poké Dollar10,000
Games Location/Method

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