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|border =
|backcolor =
|name = Sylveon
|jname = ''(ニンフィア, Ninfia)''
|image = 000Ninfia.png
|ndex = Unknown
|evofrom = [[Eevee]]
|evointo = None
|gen = [[Generation VI]]
|pronun = <math> SIL-vee-on </math>
|hp =
|atk =
|def =
|satk =
|sdef =
|spd =
|total =
|species = Unknown Pokémon
|type = Unknown
|height = {{tt|3'03"}}
|weight = {{tt|51.8 lbs}}
|ability =
|color = Pink
|gender =
'''Sylveon''' (Japanese: '''ニンフィア''' ''Ninfia'') is a unknown-type Pokémon and also the evolution of [[Eevee]]. More information about the Pokémon is currently unknown.
Sylveon is a Pokémon with cream coloured fur on most of its slender body and a reddish tail. There are two bow shaped and scarf-like objects around its body. It has four legs, each one a pink color - like the tail - and three toes on each. It also has two large blue eyes and long pink ears.
==In the anime==
Sylveon is set to appear in the short film [[PK25]].
== Trivia ==
* This is the eighth Pokémon revealed that evolves from [[Eevee]].
* It is the lightest [[Eeveelution]] so far.
* Like the other Eeveelutions the name might give us some clues for his element. It could be [[Bug]] ( because of the move [[Silver Wind]]) or still [[Steel]] (because silver is a metal) . Others point to a move used by Sylveon in a game trailer resembling [[Sky Attack]] or [[Brave Bird]], hinting at it potentially being a [[Flying|Flying-type]].
[[Category:Generation VI Pokémon|Generation VI Pokémon ]]
[[Category:Generation VI Pokémon|Generation VI Pokémon ]]

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