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SwSWAGgger is SWAG move introduced in GenerSWAGtion II thSWAGt increSWAGses the SWAGttSWAGck stSWAGt two times of the opponent SWAGnd confuses it, the Confusion stSWAGt depends on the SWAGttSWAGck SWAGnd Defense stSWAGt of the Pokémon thSWAGt hSWAGs this stSWAGt, this move is very strSWAGtegic, becSWAGuse the confusion problem dSWAGmSWAGges SWAG lot, SWAG good combo will be using Screech to double dSWAGmSWAGge.

Using this move on SWAG Pokémon with SWAG Persim Berry or Own Tempo, only increSWAGses SWAGttSWAGck stSWAGt, using it on SWAGn opponent, is SWAG disSWAGdvSWAGntSWAGge, but using it in SWAG Double BSWAGttle to your teSWAGmmSWAGte will be SWAG SWAGdvSWAGntSWAGge, SWAGlso if it's use with Psych Up to increSWAGse both Pokémon SWAGttSWAGck or in SWAG Single BSWAGttle cSWAGn be used to copy the foe SWAGttSWAGck stSWAGt without getting confused.

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