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|image = Brock Vulpix.png
|image = Brock Vulpix.png
|trainer = Suzy
|trainer = Suzy
|gender = Unknown
|gender = Female
|ability = Unknown
|ability = Unknown
|debut = Pokémon Fashion Flash
|debut = Pokémon Fashion Flash

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Suzy's Vulpix
Yuki's Rokon
Trainer: Suzy
Gender: Female
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Pokémon Fashion Flash
Caught where: Scissor Street
Received in: Pokémon Fashion Flash
  • Beauty and the Breeder
Received from: Suzy to Brock and back to Suzy
Current location: With Suzy
Evolved: Not yet evolved
Original trainer: Brock
Suzy's Vulpix was an incredibly particular Pokémon, only eating food that either its original trainer, Suzy, or Brock made. Through seeing the care that Brock went into in looking after Pokémon, she decided to let Brock look after it. Brock was often seen grooming it and sometimes used it in battle, mostly however in training with Ash. Vulpix, while a little bit spoiled, did enjoy playing about with the other Pokémon. Eventually Brock met up with Suzy again and decided that Suzy should keep Vulpix.

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