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Super Nerd is a type of Trainer class that are mostly very smart and use man made Pokémon. They are very similar to Scientists and even use the same kind of Pokémon scientists will use. They are geeky young men who wear glasses. In HGSS, they are followed by a Robotic Pikachu.


RB Battle Sprite

GSC Battle Sprite

FRLG Battle Sprite

HGSS Battle Sprite
Super NerdRBsprite

Super NerdGSCsprite

Super NerdFRLGsprite

Super NerdHGSSsprite


  • It is shown that in HGSS, they don't do the battling themselves but instead, the robotic Pikachu does, as it was shown holding a Poké Ball.
  • Strangely, the overworld sprite for the Super Nerd for HGSS doesn't show the robotic Pikachu.

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