The Sunny Park Colosseum is a Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The Colosseum master is Sashay.

In Sunny Park Colosseum when facing it for the first time it will be a doubles knockout battle but if you win the Sunny Park Colosseum the rules will change into "Little Battle" where only pre-evolution Pokémon that only at Level 5 can only participate.

First Time Trainers

These trainers appear in this Colosseum but later on there will more under little battles including these trainers as well.

  • Tasha: PIKACHU Fan
  • Curtis: Poison Tongue Boy (Poison Type)
  • Patrick: Leader-In-Training
  • Logan: Swimming Club Member
  • Hannah: Passionate Rider
  • Ian: Mature Couple
  • Sashay: Colosseum Master

Sashay - Final Battle

DP 311 front
 Type Electric 
DP 312 front
 Type Electric 
DP 351 front
 Type Normal 
DP 421 front
 Type Grass 
DP 428 front
 Type Normal 
DP 213 front
 Type Bug Type Rock 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: Plus Ability: Minus Ability: Forecast Ability: Flower Gift Ability: Klutz Ability: Sturdy or Gluttony
Item: Lum Berry Item: Sitrus Berry Item: Damp Rock Item: Cheri Berry Item: Iron Ball Item: Leftovers
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Weather Ball Solar Beam Fake Out Gyro Ball
Helping Hand Helping Hand Ominous Wind Worry Seed Jump Kick Helping Hand
Sing Trump Card Rain Dance Sunny Day Drain Punch Toxic
Encore Fake Tears Thunder Natural Gift Fling Power Trick

Other trainers

  • Emile: Expedition Member
  • Jordan: Tomboy
  • Wesley: Three Brothers (Flying Type)
  • Renee: Cute Maniac
  • Terri: Cute Maniac
  • Gunner: Hiking Club Member
  • Sterling: Leader-In-Training
  • Valerie: Poké Ball Collector
  • Destiny: Armotic Lady (Grass Type)
  • Lacey: Sashay Fan Club
  • Tracey: Cute Maniac
  • Lydia: Traveling Lady
  • Vance: Sashay Fan Club
  • Barbara: Forest Astriocrat
  • Dana: Three Sisters (Psychic Type)
  • Meghan: Hiking Girl
  • Brent: High-Tech-Maniac
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