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The Sunny Park Colosseum is a colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The colosseum master is Sashay.

In Sunny Park Colosseum when facing it for the first time it will be a doubles knockout battle but if you win the Sunny Park colosseum the rules will change into "Little Battle" where only pre-evolution Pokémon that only at Level 5 can only participate.

First Time Trainers

These trainers appear in this colosseum but later on there will more under little battles including these trainers as well.

  • Tasha: PIKACHU Fan
  • Curtis: Poison Tonuge Boy (Poison Type)
  • Patrick: Leader-In-Training
  • Logan: Swimming Club Member
  • Hannah: Passionate Rider
  • Ian: Mature Couple
  • Sashay: Colosseum Master

Other trainers

  • Emile: Expedition Member
  • Jordan: Tomboy
  • Wesley: Three Brothers (Flying Type)
  • Renee: Cute Maniac
  • Terri: Cute Maniac
  • Gunner: Hiking Club Member
  • Sterling: Leader-In-Training
  • Valerie: Pokeball Collector
  • Destiny: Armotic Lady (Grass Type)
  • Lacey: Sashay Fan Club
  • Tracey: Cute Maniac
  • Lydia: Traveling Lady
  • Vance: Sashay Fan Club
  • Barbara: Forest Astriocrat
  • Dana: Three Sisters (Psychic Type)
  • Meghan: Hiking Girl
  • Brent: High-Tech-Maniac

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