Sunflora (Japanese: キマワリ Kimawari) is a character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. She is a member of Wigglytuff's Guild. She is playable in the special episode "Today's 'Oh My Gosh'".


Sunflora has been an apprentice at Wigglytuff's Guild for at least quite some time, apparently being already an apprentice a long time before the player and their partner, and calling the two 'cute', implying she's also older than they are.

She is one of the most gifted apprentices at the Guild, as shown when she is chosen to apprehend Haunter, who was thought to be invincible.

She has a rocky relationship with Loudred, shown in both the main storyline and "Today's 'Oh My Gosh'", the cause of which is never directly revealed, but her diary suggests this might be because Loudred got her knocked out of a dungeon once by storming of recklessly. This is shown in her often making rude remarks about Loudred. An example is when Loudred commented on what he would do if he lost his memory, during the strategy meeting at Foggy Forest, saying it wouldn't matter because he's forgetful anyway. Her diary entries about the events of the special episode, however, state she's warmed up to Loudred a little after this. She still makes the rude remarks to Loudred after this though.


Sunflora often acts very hyper and excitable, using terms like "Oh my gosh" frequently when speaking. Underneath her girly exterior, however, she is very kind and loyal to her guild members, shown when she saved part of her dinner along with the other guild members to present to the player and partner when they had been denied dinner. She keeps a diary in her crew room which documents the events occurring in the storyline from her perspective. 


Sunflora's Oh My Gosh Diary documents events of the storyline, provides some tips for the game, and breaks fourth wall once, akin to Bidoof's Yup Yup Journal. When the player is exploring the waterfall, the diary has four entries, as seen in the Sunflora's special episode.

Plot and/or ending details may follow.

Unown Exclamation XY
1. What a Scream!
"Oh my gosh! So glad to meet you! I'm Sunflora, an apprentice at the guild! Eek! But does this mean someone else is reading my diary besides me?! Double-eek! Is someone sneaking a peek? Oh my gosh! How horrifying! Eeek!"
2. That Silly Loudred!
"Oh my gosh! That silly Loudred! Ooooh! He can be so absentminded! Everyone knows that if you get totally wiped out in a dungeon…you lose some items…and allTD halfS your money! But of course that silly Loudred forget all that and goes storming off into the dungeon… And that wound up making us both wipe out! So I got sent back to the guild too! Eek! So frustrating! Oh my gosh, I never, ever want to go to a dungeon with Loudred again! P.S. Two new kids joined the guild! I think they were called <player's partner> and <player>… Oh my gosh. They're both adorable. Yippee!"
3. Lovely Food!
"Tomorrow, I'll be off exploring with Bidoof. That Bidoof is sure to wander needlessly, so I should stock up on lots of food. Oh? Why do we need lots of food? Well, as you move around in a dungeon, you'll get hungry as your Belly empties of food. If your Belly gets empty, you'll get weaker and weaker…until you faint! Oh my gosh! Terrible! Bidoof is a little short on experience, so I'll back him up. P.S. I plan to write about how my exploration went with Bidoof… Now that should really be something to look forward to! Eek! …Which again makes me think that someone may be peeking at my diary? Oh my gosh! How horrifying!"
4. Exploration Basics
"I promised, and now I'll deliver! Here's my report on exploring with Bidoof! Oh my gosh! I was amazed at how little Bidoof knew about exploring. An example! If an enemy stands beside you, pushing Y will make you face it. Easy, right? He didn't even know that! But all he needed was a little coaching. When I taught him, Bidoof picked things up quickly. He's not so bad after all! Oh my gosh! We got the job done too! ♪ Another fun day!"
5. Types and Matchups
"Oh my gosh! I had a nasty scare the other day! While exploring a dungeon, I was careless and took a hit from a Fire-type move! Silly me! I'm a Grass type! So I ended up taking a lot of damage! Eek! I should really explain what all this is about. As you know, Pokémon come in many types, like Fire and Water. All move have types too! The matchup between the attacking move's type and the defending Pokémon's type affects damage! As a Grass type, I should really watch out for Fire-type moves! Knowing how types matchup is so important. P.S. When I got into trouble because of all this… It was Loudred who saved me. Thank you, Loudred. That other time I yelled at him! I said, "Oh my gosh, Loudred! I never want to go exploring with you ever again!" But…eek! Am I ever sorry for saying that! I take back everything nasty I said! I wonder if he would go to a dungeon with me ever again? I think I will go apologize to him sincerely tomorrow. Yes, that's what I will do. I'm sorry, Loudred. I hope we can keep on being teammates."
6. Mystery!
"Something very mysterious happened at our guild the other day! We were in the guild when (oh my gosh!) the place was stunk up by an atrocious stench! Oh my gosh! I'd never experienced such a foul cloud of fumes. It was an eek-worthy moment! But…everyone denied responsibility for it! But there's no fooling me! Oh my gosh, I know what I smelled, and there was no mistaking it! Eek, how mysteriously it crept upon us! Who is the culprit?! Eek!"
7. A Rare Expedition
"In the morning briefing, Chatot told us something that's worth a good scream. Eek! There's an expedition coming up! Yippee! Oh my gosh! It's been simply ages since our last one! On our last expedition, we brought home simply massive amounts of treasures! We shared everything with everyone in Treasure Town. It was a happy, happy time! Oooh, the upcoming expedition should be fun! I wonder where we'll explore this time? My roommate Chimecho and I got all excited guessing about the destination! Of course, I'm going to do everything I can to be picked for the expedition! Oooh, I'm feeling motivated! Yippee!"
8. Inspiration!
"Oh my gosh! Something happened that was totally uplifting! Tonight, Team <player's team> had to go without dinner for some silly reason… While we were eating (oh my gosh!), Bidoof was leaving a part of his dinner untouched! And this is Bidoof, right? The one we call the "bottomless barrel" because of his big appetite! Whatever could have caused that?! Maybe he's heartbroken! Well, I guessed that at first. But then I figured out what he was really doing. He was leaving some of his dinner for <player>'s team. Then (oh my gosh!) the others noticed too. So we all did what Bidoof was doing. We left bits and pieces of our dinner. (Though Loudred agonized over the decision to the end.) Yippee! Everyone pitched in to help! How sweet of them! Oh my gosh, I am getting emotional! In the end, we decided to share the smaller things ourselves and leave them with one whole Apple each! Chimecho, Bidoof, and I will keep those two Apples for the night. Tomorrow morning, we'll give them to Team <player's team>. They must be hungry now, but they have to endure it just a little longer. We all have to stick together and try to make it into the expedition party!"
9. Back Home!
"We just got back from our expedition now! Oh my gosh! Am I exhausted! Ooh! This expedition left a big impression on me in every way! Especially the sight of Fogbound Lake… Oh my gosh, it moved me in way I can't express! Oh! But if I write any more details, Uxie would be so upset! And that wouldn't be good! Eek! This was the best of all the expeditions I've attended! Ooh, I hope I can go with everyone again sometime!"
10. Oh My Gosh! Dusknoir!
"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! The famous Dusknoir came to our guild! Yippee! And…and…and…! He plans to stay in Treasure Town for a while! Yippee! I got to talk to him! He's wise! And courteous! And handsome! And oh my gosh…yippee! Yip-yip-yippee! That's what it feels like!"
11. Where's Grovyle?
"The whole guild is now searching for that thieving Grovyle. Bidoof, Dugtrio and I searched Crystal Cave. But our search turned up nothing. Where could that Grovyle be…? But he must be caught, no matter what! For Uxie's sake too, we'll catch that criminal! P.S. That silly Bidoof… Oh my gosh, he was no help looking for Grovyle… Not only that, he even brought home a crystal as a souvenir! Eeek! That reminds me… When we were leaving Crystal Cave, I caught Bidoof grinning to himself… Now that I think about it… Oh my gosh, that was him grinning about that crystal! Oh my gosh, I never suspected Bidoof could leer in such an icky way! Eek! It's another new discovery! Eek!"
12. Total Shocker!
"Oh my gosh! It's been one shocking thing after another lately! It turns out that Grovyle is a wanted outlaw on the run from (oh my gosh!) the future. And Dusknoir also came from the future to catch that Grovyle! Eek! There have been so many unbelievable events! It's like I'm in a perpetual state of shock! Oh…my…gosh! Anyway, Dusknoir vowed to catch Grovyle on his own. I'm sure the great Dusknoir will honor his pledge, so Grovyle will be caught. We have to leave everything up to Dusknoir. Good luck, Dusknoir!"
13. Those Kids…
"Everyone, including myself, is down in the dumps at the guild. I thought about why the guild is lacking energy lately… The answers is easy. It's because… Team <player's team> is missing. I didn't realize how lonely it would be without Team <player's team>… Chatot has been very ill tempered lately and prone to annoying outbursts… But that's also because he misses those kids. Oh, I hope they're safe… Those kids…"
14. Welcome Back!
"Oh my gosh! Yippee! What a shock! It's totally amazing! Team <player's team> came back! From the future! Oh my gosh! It was such an amazing thing! Yippee! We were even more amazed by <player's partner>'s account of it all. Oh my gosh! But if those kids said it, then it must be true. I choose to believe the kids. Oh! Then does that mean… That the great Dusknoir, who I revere… is actually a bad Pokémon?! Oh my gosh… A bad Pokémon?! What should I do?! What should I do?!"
15. They're Saving Us!
"Our future is in the hands of those two kids. But I'm convinced that those kids will not fail to stop the planet's paralysis. That <player> and <player's partner>! Oh, but don't forget Lapras and Grovyle too! You can't fail us! I hope you all come back safe and sound to Treasure Town. Soon!"
16. Graduation Exam
"Team <player's team> has been chosen to take the graduation exam. But graduation…! I remember when they asked me if I wanted to take it… At the time, I refused because I wanted to train some more at the guild. Last year, Loudred took the exam… Of course, he failed in spectacular fashion… But those kids can make it! I'm sure of it! Eek! I'll be cheering for them! P.S. It's that time of year again! The season of the grand master of all things bad! Yippee!"
17. Yay! Graduation!
"They did it! Those kids made it through the graduation exam! Oh my gosh! The members of Team <player's team> were so adorable when they joined the guild… Now they're authorities! It's sad that they're leaving the guild… But Sharpedo Bluff is very close by. I can visit them anytime. So <player> and <player's partner>… Congratulations! Do visit us at the guild even after you graduate!"
18. The Surrounded Sea!
"Oh my gosh! I heard a fantastic rumor! A rumor about a place called the Surrounded Sea! Eek! What treasures would one find at a place like that…? Oh my gosh! Yippee! I want to go there! I want to go so much, I feel like I'm going to faint just from writing about it! I think I will find time between my guild jobs and go! Oh my gosh! Yes, I will!"
19. Beaten to the Punch
"Oh my gosh! Team <player> has already explored the Surrounded Sea through and through! Eeeek! They've beaten me to the punch!Being free associates of the guild gives those kids an advantage, though. They're free to go wherever and whenever they want. As opposed to me with my guild work. I can't find time like they can… Eek! I don't like writing this! It's all so whiny and self-pitying. Oh my gosh! I don't remember turning into this loathsome character! Oh my gosh! What am I to do? What I am to do?! P.S. That <player>'s team brought back a tiny baby from the Surrounded Sea. Oh my gosh! He's so mysterious! And so adorable! Yippee!"
20. Worries…
"I heard that baby Manaphy has fallen sick… This worries me so much! Corphish blurted out, "Hey, hey! That baby Manaphy is probably a Pokémon that can only grow up in the sea, hey, hey!" I wanted to ask Corphish, "Then, why aren't you in the water all the time?" But, oh my gosh, it wasn't the sort of thing to bring up just then! Please get better soon, Manaphy!"
21. Bidding Farewell
"Baby Manaphy went back to the sea… Poor <player> and <player's partner> must be crushed by this… I feel terrible for them… But… This is exactly the time we must be cheerful around them to uplift their spirits! When I see <player> and <player's partner> tomorrow, I'll have to greet them with a big smile!"
22. Yippee! Team Charm!
"Oh my gosh! What an exciting day it was! Everyone's favorite celebrities, the women of Team Charm, came to our guild! Oh my gosh! Yippee! Yippee! Yip-yip-yippeeeeee… …Oh! Where? Oh my gosh! Where am I?! …Oh, I see now… Oh my gosh! I just fainted from being so excited! Oh…! Chimecho is looking at me all puzzled! Oh my gosh! This just won't do! Um, anyway, the women of Team Charm came calling on our gild for an oh-my-gosh kind of reason. Turns out they're old friends of our Guildmaster. Wow! Oh my gosh, our Guildmaster is special! I feel lucky that I've stayed with the guild to further my training. Oh…! Chimecho is eyeing me curiously. I can't write like this, oh my gosh! So that's all for tonight! Good night!"
23. Thunderstorm! Eek!
"…It's always sunny. The weather has been nice for a long time now. It sure keeps me feeling perky! I wish the weather would stay sunny like this! But, oh my gosh, everyone is saying there's a storm coming… I guess that a Pokémon named Swampert sensed a storm coming and told everyone… That's all fine and well, but…I…get spooked by thunder… The instant it thunders… Eeeeek! Oooh, just as I wrote that! Eeeeek! Thunder! …Oh! Actually, it was only Chimecho ringing her bell beside me… Oh my gosh! She startled me! That Chimecho is more mischievous than she looks! Oh my gosh!"
24. Nightmare! Eek!
"It was so peaceful for a while… But now there has been a sinister incident. Little Azurill seems to be stuck in a nightmare that he can't wake from. Oh my gosh! How is that possible?! For the time being, Team <player's team> has gone off in search of a Pokémon named Drowzee. Apparently, Drowzee can go into the dreams of others… It would be wonderful if little Azurill can be awoken that way. P.S. Oh my gosh, I don't really want to even write anything like this, but… Maybe… Well, lately… Maybe only because it's been so peaceful for so long… But… I can't get over this creepy feeling that something dreadful is going to happen…
25. Darkrai
"Yippee! Oh my gosh! Little Azurill… Little Azurill has awoken from his nightmare! Ooh, this is so wonderful! Yippee! Cresselia must be thanked properly for this! We also owe Cresselia for telling us how everything bad that happened came to be… Even the destruction of time. We were shocked to learn that it was all the doing of one Pokémon… The one called Darkrai. Now <player> and <player's partner> are on their way to confront Darkrai. Good luck, <player> and <player's partner>! Please win! And please come back safe! Go for it, Team <player's team>!
26. Thank You!
"Oh my gosh! Yippee-yay-yay! Our <player> and <player's partner> are back! Back in Treasure Town! They defeated Darkrai! And they're back safe! Thank you, <player> and <player>'s partner! Very, very sincerely! From the bottom of my heart, I'm filled with a deep sense of gratitude. You two so bravely saved the world, not once, but twice! When I think back to when you first joined the guild… you two were just the cutest! But now you've grown to be so capable and confident. …Oh my gosh! This must be what a mother feels like watching her children grow! Oh my gosh! I feel horrified about writing that! Anyway… Oh, <player> and <player's partner>! Don't ever change, my good friends!"

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
No Image
Razor Leaf Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Darkness & Time Special
Petal Dance Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorer of Darkness & Time Special
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.