Sun and Moon: Ultra Prism is a TCG expansion set of the Sun and Moon series. It was released on 8 December 2017 in Japan and on 2 February 2018 in the US. This expansion set contains 156+ cards in English and 156 cards in Japanese.

Card list

Name Type Rarity
1 Exeggcute TCG Grass Common
2 Yanma TCG Grass Common
3 Yanmega TCG Grass Uncommon
4 Roselia TCG Grass Common
5 Rosarade TCG Grass Rare
6 Turtwig TCG Grass Common
7 Turtwig TCG Grass Common
8 Grotle TCG Grass Uncommon
9 Torterra TCG Grass Rare Holo
10 Cherubi TCG Grass Common
11 Cherrim TCG Grass Uncommon
12 Carnivine TCG Grass Common
13 Leafeon GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
14 Mow Rotom TCG Grass Rare
15 Shaymin TCG Grass Rare Holo
16 Dewpider TCG Grass Common
17 Araquanid TCG Grass Rare
18 Magmar TCG Fire Common
19 Magmortar TCG Fire Rare Holo
20 Chimchar TCG Fire Common
21 Chimchar TCG Fire Common
22 Monferno TCG Fire Uncommon
23 Infernape TCG Fire Rare Holo
24 Heat Rotom TCG Fire Rare
25 Salandit TCG Fire Common
26 Salazzle TCG Fire Rare
27 Turtonator TCG Fire Uncommon
28 Alolan Sandshrew TCG Water Common
29 Alolan Sandslash TCG Water Rare
30 Alolan Vulpix TCG Water Common
31 Piplup TCG Water Common
32 Piplup TCG Water Common
33 Prinplup TCG Water Uncommon
34 Empoleon TCG Water Rare
35 Buizel TCG Water Common
36 Floatzel TCG Water Uncommon
37 Snover TCG Water Common
38 Abomasnow TCG Water Rare
39 Glaceon GX TCG Water Ultra Rare
40 Wash Rotom TCG Water Rare
41 Frost Rotom TCG Water Rare
42 Manaphy TCG Water Uncommon
43 Electabuzz TCG Lightning Common
44 Electivire TCG Lightning Rare
45 Shinx TCG Lightning Common
46 Shinx TCG Lightning Common
47 Luxio TCG Lightning Uncommon
48 Luxray TCG Lightning Rare Holo
49 Pachirisu TCG Lightning Common
50 Rotom TCG Lightning Uncommon
51 Drifloon TCG Psychic Common
52 Drifblim TCG Psychic Uncommon
53 Spiritomb TCG Psychic Uncommon
54 Skorupi TCG Psychic Common
55 Drapion TCG Psychic Rare
56 Croagunk TCG Psychic Common
57 Toxicroak TCG Psychic Rare
58 Giratina Prism TCG Psychic Uncommon
59 Cresselia TCG Psychic Rare Holo
60 Cosmog TCG Psychic Common
61 Cosmoem TCG Psychic Uncommon
62 Lunala Prism TCG Psychic
63 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX TCG Psychic Ultra Rare
64 Cranidos TCG Fighting Uncommon
65 Rampardos TCG Fighting Rare Holo
66 Riolu TCG Fighting Common
67 Lucario TCG Fighting Rare Holo
68 Hippopotas TCG Fighting Common
69 Hippowdon TCG Fighting Rare
70 Passimian TCG Fighting Common
71 Murkrow TCG Darkness Common
72 Honchkrow TCG Darkness Uncommon
73 Sneasel TCG Darkness Common
74 Weavile TCG Darkness Rare Holo
75 Stunky TCG Darkness Common
76 Skuntank TCG Darkness Uncommon
77 Darkrai Prism TCG Darkness
78 Alolan Diglett TCG Metal Common
79 Alolan Dugtrio TCG Metal Uncommon
80 Magnemite TCG Metal Common
81 Magnemite TCG Metal Common
82 Magneton TCG Metal Uncommon
83 Magnezone TCG Metal Rare Holo
84 Shieldon TCG Metal Uncommon
85 Bastiodon TCG Metal Rare Holo
86 Bronzor TCG Metal Common
87 Bronzong TCG Metal Uncommon
88 Heatran TCG Metal Rare Holo
89 Solgaleo Prism TCG Metal
90 Dusk Mane Necrozma GX TCG Metal Ultra Rare
91 Magearna TCG Metal Rare
92 Morelull TCG Fairy Common
93 Shiinotic TCG Fairy Rare
94 Tapu Lele TCG Fairy Rare
95 Alolan Exeggutor TCG Dragon Rare
96 Gible TCG Dragon Common
97 Gible TCG Dragon Common
98 Gabite TCG Dragon Uncommon
99 Garchomp TCG Dragon Rare
100 Dialga GX TCG Dragon Ultra Rare
101 Palkia GX TCG Dragon Ultra Rare
102 Lickitung TCG Colorless Common
103 Lickilicky TCG Colorless Rare
104 Eevee TCG Colorless Common
105 Eevee TCG Colorless Common
106 Buneary TCG Colorless Common
107 Lopunny TCG Colorless Uncommon
108 Glameow TCG Colorless Common
109 Purugly TCG Colorless Uncommon
110 Fan Rotom TCG Colorless Rare
111 Shaymin TCG Colorless Rare
112 Yungoos TCG Colorless Common
113 Gumshoos TCG Colorless Uncommon
114 Oranguru TCG Colorless Uncommon
115 Type: Null TCG Colorless Rare
116 Silvally GX TCG Colorless Ultra Rare
117 Drampa TCG Colorless Rare Holo
118 Ancient Crystal Item Uncommon
119 Cynthia Supporter Uncommon
120 Cyrus Prism Supporter
121 Electric Memory Item Uncommon
122 Escape Board Item Uncommon
123 Fire Memory Item Uncommon
124 Gardenia Supporter Uncommon
125 Lillie Supporter Uncommon
126 Looker Supporter Uncommon
127 Looker Whistle Item Uncommon
128 Mars Supporter Uncommon
129 Missing Clover Item Uncommon
130 Mt. Coronet Stadium Uncommon
131 Order Pad Item Uncommon
132 Pal Pad Item Uncommon
133 Pokémon Fan Club Supporter Uncommon
134 Unidentified Fossil Item Uncommon
135 Volkner Supporter Uncommon
136 Super Boost Prism Energy Uncommon
137 Unit Energy GFW Energy Uncommon
138 Unit Energy LPM Energy Uncommon
139 Leafeon GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
140 Pheromosa GX TCG Grass Ultra Rare
141 Glaceon GX TCG Water Ultra Rare
142 Xurkitree GX TCG Lightning Ultra Rare
143 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX TCG Psychic Ultra Rare
144 Celesteela GX TCG Metal Ultra Rare
145 Dusk Mane Necrozma GX TCG Metal Ultra Rare
146 Dialga GX TCG Dragon Ultra Rare
147 Palkia GX TCG Dragon Ultra Rare
148 Cynthia Supporter Ultra Rare
149 Gardenia Supporter Ultra Rare
150 Lana Supporter Ultra Rare
151 Lillie Supporter Ultra Rare
152 Looker Supporter Ultra Rare
153 Lusamine Supporter Ultra Rare
154 Mars Supporter Ultra Rare
155 Pokémon Fan Club Supporter Ultra Rare
156 Volkner Supporter Ultra Rare
157 Leafeon GX TCG Grass Secret Rare
158 Pheromosa GX TCG Grass Secret Rare
159 Glaceon GX TCG Water Secret Rare
160 Xurkitree GX TCG Lightning Secret Rare
161 Dawn Wings Necrozma GX TCG Psychic Secret Rare
162 Celesteela GX TCG Metal Secret Rare
163 Dusk Mane Necrozma GX TCG Metal Secret Rare
164 Dialga GX TCG Dragon Secret Rare
165 Palkia GX TCG Dragon Secret Rare
166 Crushing Hammer Item Secret Rare
167 Escape Board Item Secret Rare
168 Missing Clover Item Secret Rare
169 Peeking Red Card Item Secret Rare
170 Unit Energy GFW Energy Secret Rare
171 Unit Energy LPM Energy Secret Rare
172 Lunala GX TCG Psychic Secret Rare
173 Solgaleo GX TCG Metal Secret Rare