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The Strange House is an area that can be accessed in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 versions. Various Ghost-type Pokemon can be found here, including Litwick and Banette. After the player defeats Skyla, then she can fly a plane to a nearby town, where the player must walk/bike their way to the House by going south from where the female cyclist is, then turning right. Objects shake around through out the house as the player walks through it. If the player switches between rooms, than the furniture will be in a different position. This makes the house rather hard to escort around. If players go through the house in a certain way, than the ghost who was originally on the Marvelous Bridge will appear here. During these scenes, she seems confused, thinking she has just awoken from a bad nightmare.

When players enter her room (At the top of the stairs, in the very middle) then they will obtain the Lunar Wing, at which point, they can go back to the bridge to face Cresselia.

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