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(ふみつけ Trample)
Generation: I
Battle Data
Type: Type Normal
Category Type Physical
Power: 65
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20
Affects: Anyone but user
Secondary Effect:
Contact: Yes
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
BrightPowder: No
Protect/Detect: Yes
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No
Contest Data
Contests (RSE)
Type: Type Tough
Appeal: 1
Jam: 4 ♥♥♥♥
Super Contests (DPPt)
Type: Type Tough
Appeal: 3 ♥♥♥
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Type: Type Tough
Appeal: 1
Jam: 1

Stomp is a damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation I that may cause flinching.

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(adding to article, some trivia about stomp) lucario in newer generations such as platinum can learn stomp, but since the move doesnt occur naturually when leveling up or being even avilable as a TM the most easy way to get lucario and other pokemon to learn stomp (a move not listed in their "possible moves" list) the easiest way to do so is to change the HEX code of a TM via an action replay. - furryletsplayersxtre, proud contirutator and trivia master.

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