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{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"
!style="background-color: #{{Poison}}; color: black;"|Pokédex
!style="background-color: #{{Poison}}; color: black;"|[[Pokémon]]
!style="background-color: #{{Poison}}; color: black;"|Sprite
!style="background-color: #{{Poison}}; color: black;"|Type
!style="background-color: #{{Poison}}; color: black;"|Obtained
| style="vertical-align: top; text-align: center;"|#088
| style="vertical-align: top; text-align: center;"|#088

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This ability protects the Pokémon from item theft from moves such as Thief. It also makes it more probable you will catch Pokémon when you fish.

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Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#088 Grimer 088 Type Poison Natural
#089 Muk 089 Type Poison Natural
#316 Gulpin 316 Type Poison Natural
#317 Swalot 317 Type Poison Natural
#422 Shellos 422A422B Type Water Natural
#423 Gastrodon 423A423B Type WaterType Ground Natural
#568 Trubbish 568 Type Poison Natural
#617 Accelgor 617 Type Bug Natural

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