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Stephanie's father is a character appearing inPokémon: Advanced.


Season 6: Advanced

Stephanie's father went to the Pokémon Center with his daughter, Stephanie, to get her Starter Pokémon. When Ash mentioned that her daughter she should either take Treecko or Mudkip and not Torchic, he stated that all the three Pokémon looked just fine. Team Rocket then appeared and Stephanie and her father watched Nurse Joy's Combusken taking care of Team Rocket. After Team Rocket blasted off, Stephanie decided to choose Mudkip as her starter Pokémon and due to that, Treecko became sad. Stephanie's father saw how sad Treecko was and decided to take Treecko with him, wanting to have Treecko after Treecko was not chosen by Stephanie.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Stephanie Father Treecko
Stephanie's father decided to take Treecko after it was looking sad when it wasn't chosen by Stephanie.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
AG034 Having a Wailord of a Time

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