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|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}
|season = Pokémon: Black and White}}
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[[Category:Rival's Pokémon]]
[[Category:Character Pokémon that have evolved]]
[[Category:Character Pokémon that have evolved]]

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Stephan's Zebstrika
Kenyan's Zeburaika
Trainer: Stephan
Ability: Unknown
Debut: BW031: Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Episode captured: Prior to BW031
Caught where: Unova
Current location: With Stephan
Evolved: 10 as a Blitzle
Evolves In: Prior to BW041

Zebstrika's first appearence was in BW031 as a Blitzle battling against Ash's Oshawott twice. When Stephan next appeared, Zebstrika was newly evolved and defeated Bianca's Minccino in the first round of the Don Battle Tournament.

File:800px-Kenyan Blitzle.png

Known moves

Move Episode
Stephan Zebstrika Shock Wave
Shock Wave + Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Flame Charge Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Double Kick Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
Stomp + Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


Episode Appearances

EP# Title
BW031 BW031: Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!
BW041 BW041: Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!
BW042 BW042: Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!
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