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Stephan's Liepard

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Stephan's Liepard
Japanese Name
Trainer: Stephan

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Liepard was sent out by Stephan in Lost at the League! and it is revealed that it fighted Strong Strategy steals the show! against Ash's Krookodile. It collided with Ash's Krookodile's Dragon Claw with Shadow Claw and Stone Edge against Shadow Ball, but after using Liepard's Double Team, Stephan had the advantage. Liepard kept attacking Krookodile with Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball, and Hyper Beam. Liepard started to collide again. After Liepard collided with Krookodile's 3rd Dragon Claw, Krookodile defeated Liepard, leaving Stephan with 2 Pokemon, when Ash still has all three. 

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Stephan's Liepard is the Cruel Pkmn. According to the Pokedex, Liepard is very sneaky, but battling Ash's Krookodile, its battling strategies are straight forward and reckless when utilizing Shadow Ball/Claw.

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