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Type Steel

Steel-type Pokémon (Metal-type in the TCG) are made of, or coated with, steel. They, along with Rock-type Pokémon and Ground-type Pokémon, are the three types that represent earth's minerals (all three are immune to the Sandstorm weather condition) with steel representing metal. Steel Pokémon are known for their resilience and strength.

Magnemite and Magneton were the first Pokémon to be reclassified from a single-type (Electric-types) to a Steel/Electric dual-type. This was because, like the Dark-type, Steel Pokémon were not introduced until Generation II, and the Magnemite family were first introduced in Generation I.

To date, there are only 6 pure Steel-type Pokémon, one being Arceus with the Iron Plate. With that, there are only 5 that are not alternative forms.

Steel-type Pokémon possess 11 resistances, higher than any other single Pokémon type. They also have a full immunity to Poison attacks. They are highly effective against Ice and Rock-types but have weaknesses to Fire, Ground and Fighting-type attacks.

Stee-types are renowned for having the largest amount of resistances defensively, but also have a large amount of weaknesses, including Fire and Water.

As of Generation VI, Steel-types lose their resistances to Dark and Ghost types.

Abilities of Steel Pokémon


Dream World

Known Steel Pokémon Trainers

Jasmine(B2W2)Sprite StevenB2W2sprite ByronB2W2 Wikstrom Ieyasu Tadakatsu
Johto Gym Leader Jasmine Hoenn Champion Sidney Sinnoh Gym Leader Byron Kalos Elite Four Wikstrom Valora Warlord Ieyasu Warlord Servant Tadakatsu

Steel Pokémon families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
081 Magnemite 082 Magneton 462 Magnezone Electric
Template:Not from type 205 Forretress - Bug; Only Forretress is Steel
Template:Not from type 208 Steelix - Ground; Only Steelix is Steel
Template:Not from type 212 Scizor - Bug; Only Scizor is Steel
227 Skarmory - - Flying
303303M Mawile - - Fairy
304 Aron 305 Lairon 306306M Aggron Rock; Only Mega Aggron is pure Steel
374 Beldum 375 Metang 376 Metagross Psychic
379 Registeel - -
385 Jirachi - - Psychic
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 395 Empoleon Water; Only Empoleon is Steel
410 Shieldon 411 Bastiodon - Rock
Template:Not from type 413C Wormadam - Bug (Trash Cloak)
436 Bronzor 437 Bronzong - Psychic
Template:Not from type 448 Lucario - Fighting; Only Lucario is Steel
Template:Not from type 476 Probopass - Rock; Only Probopass is Steel
483 Dialga - - Dragon
485 Heatran - - Fire
Template:Not from type 530 Excadrill - Ground; Only Excadrill is Steel
Template:Not from type 589 Escavalier - Bug; Only Escavalier is Steel
597 Ferroseed 598 Ferrothorn - Grass
599 Klink 600 Klang 601 Klinklang
624 Pawniard 625 Bisharp - Dark
632 Durant - - Bug
638 Cobalion - - Fighting
649 Genesect Bug
679Honedge 680Doublade 681File:681-b.pngAegislash Ghost
707Klefki Fairy

Delta Species Steel Pokémon

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