The Stargazer Colosseum is the final Colosseum unlocked in Pokémon Battle Revolution. On the first visit, the Player must fight all of the Colosseum Leaders, then move on to fight Mysterial, the Pokétopia Master.

Pokétopia Championship

Taylor - Battle 1

DP 417 front
 Type Electric 
DP 404 front
 Type Electric 
DP 370 front
 Type Water 
DP 039 front
 Type Normal 
DP 281 front
 Type Psychic 
DP 438 front
 Type Rock 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: - Ability: Intimidate Ability: Swift Swim Ability: Cute Charm Ability: Trace Ability: Rock Head
Item: Magnet Item: Oran Berry Item: Mystic Water Item: Macho Brace Item: Oran Berry Item: Hard Stone
Discharge Spark Water Pulse Gyro Ball Confusion Rock Throw
Spark Ice Fang Attract Sing Calm Mind Rock Polish
Bite Bite Rain Dance Rest Magical Leaf Faint Attack
Thunder Wave Swagger Supersonic Sleep Talk Hypnosis Fake Tears

Marina - Battle 2

DP 222 front
 Type Water 
DP 183 front
 Type Water 
DP 083 front
 Type Normal Type Flying 
DP 190 front
 Type Normal 
DP 413 front
 Type Bug Type Ground 
DP 061 front
 Type Water 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: Hustle Ability: Huge Power Ability: Inner Focus Ability: Run Away Ability: Anticipation Ability: Water Absorb
Item: Scope Lens Item: Mystic Water Item: Stick Item: Persim Berry Item: Passho Berry Item: -
Mirror Coat Aqua Jet Slash Fury Swipes Dig Bubble Beam
Recover Rollout Aerial Ace Tickle Rock Blast Dig
Toxic Brick Break Poison Jab Shadow Claw Facade Body Slam
Stealth Rock Aqua Ring Swords Dance Fake Out Attract Hypnosis

Rosie - Battle 3

DP 301 front
 Type Normal 
DP 267 front
 Type Bug Type Flying 
DP 070 front
 Type Grass Type Poison 
DP 188 front
 Type Grass Type Flying 
DP 192 front
 Type Grass 
DP 315 front
 Type Grass Type Poison 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: Normalize Ability: Swarm Ability: Chlorophyll Ability: Leaf Guard Ability: Solar Power Ability: -
Item: Silk Scarf Item: Rawst Berry Item: Persim Berry Item: Miracle Seed Item: Aspear Berry Item: -
Faint Attack Silver Wind Grass Knot Solar Beam Solar Beam Giga Drain
Helping Hand Attract Wring Out Sunny Day Sunny Day Captivate
Payback Energy Ball Knock Off Sleep Powder Secret Power Poison Sting
Fake Out Stun Spore Gastro Acid Leech Seed Nature Power Ingrain

Voldon - Battle 4

DP 067 front
 Type Fighting 
DP 095 front
 Type Rock Type Ground 
DP 375 front
 Type Steel Type Psychic 
DP 239 front
 Type Electric 
DP 479 front
 Type Electric 
DP 455 front
 Type Grass 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: No Guard Ability: Rock Head Ability: Clear Body Ability: Static Ability: Levitate Ability: Levitate
Item: Black Belt Item: Metronome Item: Metal Coat Item: Mental Herb Item: Magnet Item: Lum Berry
Submission Rock Blast Bullet Punch Thunder Punch Shadow Ball Slam
Rock Slide Rage Pursuit Brick Break Shock Wave Faint Attack
Poison Jab Taunt Aerial Ace Fire Punch Will-O-Wisp Grass Knot
Revenge Stealth Rock Magnet Rise Swagger Protect Swords Dance

Terrell - Battle 5

DP 005 front
 Type Fire 
DP 156 front
 Type Fire 
DP 391 front
 Type Fire Type Fighting 
DP 288 front
 Type Grass 
DP 028 front
 Type Ground 
DP 394 front
 Type Water 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: Blaze Ability: Blaze Ability: Blaze Ability: Overgrow Ability: Sand Veil Ability: Torrent
Item: Wise Glasses Item: Muscle Band Item: Shell Bell Item: Yache Berry Item: Quick Claw Item: Sitrus Berry
Flamethrower Flame Wheel Blaze Kick Grass Knot Earthquake Surf
Sunny Day Crush Claw Stealth Rock Body Slam Sandstorm Supersonic
Ancient Power Brick Break Poison Jab Iron Tail Night Slash Ice Beam
Will-O-Wisp Aerial Ace Feint Bite Gyro Ball Bide

Dusty - Battle 6

DP 447 front
 Type Fighting 
DP 253 front
 Type Grass 
DP 288 front
 Type Normal 
DP 404 front
 Type Electric 
DP 444 front
 Type Dragon Type Ground 
DP 256 front
 Type Fire 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: - Ability: Overgrow Ability: Vital Spirit Ability: Intimidate Ability: Sand Veil Ability: Blaze
Item: Payapa Berry Item: Coba Berry Item: Chople Berry Item: Shuca Berry Item: Haban Berry Item: Passho Berry
Force Palm Leaf Blade Body Slam Spark Dragon Rush Brick Break
Copycat Pursuit Uproar Crunch Dig Crush Claw
Poison Jab Crunch Brick Break Ice Fang Iron Head Aerial Ace
Feint Screech Protect Fire Fang Take Down Bulk Up

Mysterial - Final Battle

DP 042 front
 Type Poison Type Flying 
DP 148 front
 Type Dragon 
DP 340 front
 Type Water Type Ground 
DP 093 front
 Type Ghost Type Poison 
DP 099 front
 Type Water 
DP 113 front
 Type Normal 
Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ - Lv. 30+ -
Ability: Inner Focus Ability: Shed Skin Ability: Oblivious Ability: Levitate Ability: Hyper Cutter Ability: Serene Grace
Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ? Item: ?
Air Slash Dragon Rush Aqua Tail Sludge Bomb Crabhammer Flamethrower
Bite Dragon Dance Magnitude Shadow Ball X-Scissor Thunder
Poison Fang Aqua Tail Zen Headbutt Psychic Giga Impact Ice Beam
Hypnosis Thunder Wave Spark Dark Pulse Protect Shadow Ball

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