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S.S Anne
サント・アンヌごう 'S.S. St. Anne'
SS Anne
Information about S.S Anne
Region: Kanto
Connecting locations: Vermilion City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Vehicle
Needed HM: Unknown
Generation(s) available: Gen. I, III

The S.S. Anne or St. Anne is a well-known luxury cruise liner which sails the world, stopping annually in Vermilion City, Kanto. To get on the S.S. Anne in the games, the player must first obtain an S.S. Ticket by helping out Bill. This ship contains many Pokémon Trainers, including many Gentlemen and Sailors. In Generation III, in one room on the first floor, a lady will restore a Trainer's party to full health. Before reaching the captain's cabin, the player will encounter Blue and must battle him.


The St. Anne was the setting for the episode Battle Aboard the St. Anne. This ship was a trap set up by Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. Due to a rough storm, the ship sank with Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, and James still aboard, but they manage to escape in Pokémon Shipwreck.


  • In Pokémon: FireRed and LeafGreen versions a Lava Cookie can be found under the truck if Surf is used near the ship port.
  • In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you can find a small model of the S.S. Anne in the Slateport City museum. The text that shows once you view the model says: "The S.S. Anne" "A replica of the luxury liner that circles the globe."

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