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Squishy's Song is the fifth Japanese ending theme of the XY series.


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♪ (Puni-chan kotchi kotchi issho ni asobou yo)

(Puni-chan pika tto kyatchi)

Punipuni yawarakakute Punipuni midori-iro de Punipuni poshetto no naka ga Oki ni iri ne Puni-chan!

Anata wa doko kara kita no? Doushite ohi-sama ga gohan na no? Fushigi na Puni-chan ga daisuki! Motto motto oshiete!

Atashi to anata no hoppeta wo surisuri Shita nara mou tomodachi Itsu datte issho da yo! Anata no koto mamotte ageru!

(Puni-chan nani shite asobo kka?) (Kochakocha shitee, hinatabokko desho?) (Sou da! Konna no dou? Koshokosho.) (Ne? Suteki desho? Ufufu) ♪

♪ Hey Squishy, come here! Let's play!)

Squishi, I'll catch you cleanly!)

You're squishy, squishy, and so soft You're squishy, squishy, and so green You're squishy, squishy, and the inside of my pochette Is your favorite place, Squishy!

Where did you come from? Why is Mister Sun your food? I love my mysterious Squishy so much! Teach me more about you!

When you and I have nuzzled, We're already friends We'll always be together! I'll protect you!

(What do you want to play, Squishy?) (You wan to be tickled and then bathe in the sun, right?) (I got it! How about this? Whisper whisper.) (What do you think? Won't that be great? Heehee) ♪


  • It is sung by Bonnie's first voice actress.

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